Post-Game Thoughts: Georgetown 85, Seton Hall 73


Tonight's Post-Game Thoughts were covered by Keith Stewart, thecycle.  

Editor's notes, posted by Gonzo Ball editor, Bob Yelenak, will appear in italics -- like such. 

-Rough night at the Phone Booth

BY: Defense was optional for the Pirates (10-6, 1-4) tonight as the Georgetown Hoyas (13-2, 4-1) shot 70% en route to a 12 point victory at the Verizon Center. Seriously, 70% shooting.  If a defense is going to give up buckets at that rate, there's really no reason to play the game.  The contest was not nearly as close as the final score portrays as Jeremy Hazell cleaned up in mop-up duty, checking in with 1:20 remaining to hit two 3PT buckets. 

-Seton Hall played it's worst game of their young Big East schedule as Georgetown dominated in every facet of the game (except, shocking, free throw shooting).  At one point in the second half the Pirates tried to make a game of it.  A 14-2 run turned a certain blowout into a possible comeback, despite the Pirates seemingly committing a foul on every Hoya possession.  Trailing by only 7 points with 7 minutes remaining, the Pirates fouled Jason Clark who hit both throws.  On the following possession a block by Greg Monroe on a Ferrakohn Hall shot led to a follow up score by Chris Wright.  That effectively ended it as the Hoyas lead by 11 points and Seton Hall wouldn't get under double digits for the remainder of the game.  

-Georgetown finished the game shooting a season-high 69.8 percent from the floor as Seton Hall played this game like they didn't believe in half-court defense.  When they attempted their full-court press, it was routinely broken by the Hoyas. The Hoyas were also 7-of-11 from behind the arc, while the Pirates were 3-of-14, however abandoned the 3PT shot a bit in the second half as Jeremy Hazell saw extended minutes on the bench.  

-It wasn't a coincidence that the Pirates had their 14-2 run while Hazell sat the bench for the majority of it.  He was awful tonight, despite finishing with 17PTS, he contributed 0AST/0REB/0BLK/1STL/0TO. When Hazell is too focused on scoring his points, his game and the Pirates offense both suffer.  

-Once again, Herb Pope was hurt by foul early foul trouble as he picked up his 2nd foul with 6:54 remaining in the first half.  At that point, Bobby decided to leave him on the floor and like clockwork, Pope picked up his third just a minute later.  He finished with 6PTS/10REBS/2AST/4TO. Getting in foul trouble forced him to play timid as he finished the game without blocking a shot tonight.  Meanwhile, I continue to be impressed by Jeff Robinson, who scored 10PTS/3REB/3STL off the bench. 

-Eugene Harvey really only played well during the second half run, but tended to drive a bit too much, as he wasn't finding his teammates, finishing with 0AST.  Keon Lawrence was our best point guard yet again with 6PTS/4AST/2REB/2STL/1TO; not exactly great numbers, but at least he's distributing the ball.  Jordan Theodore scored eight points tonight, but those were a very quiet eight points on 2-of-7 shooting.

BY: The point guard play has been horrendous as of late.  Tonight was no exception.  The trio finished on 7-of-19 shooting, a pretty bad percentage, right? Consider this, all 7 buckets were converted layups. The other 8 attempts? Missed jump shots and layups.  The Hall point guards didn't hit one jumper tonight, think about that for a minute.  

-One thing to say about the Hoyas, they have a tremendous starting five and seem to fit with J.T. III's offense.  Monroe, Wright, Clark, Austin Freeman and Julian Vaughn compete very hard and they got their revenge for last year's loss at The Rock.

BY: Their guard play tonight was the polar opposite of the Pirates as Chris Wright and Jason Clark were good for 21 and 20, respectively, with Wright dropping 7 dimes along the way.

-Random thought: I hope everyone got sick of this law angle that Len Elmore and Mike Patrick kept harping on.  We get it, it's Washington D.C. and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was a Seton Hall Law professor.  Everyone who went to Seton Hall knows this since he always came up in Seton Hall's frontpage in the 'Did You Know' section.  We don't need to spend half the telecast on this.

BY: Imagine if Judge Napolitano was in the house as well? It would have been trouble for the players on the court. 

-Final thought: Once again, opportunity was there for Seton Hall to gain a big win to help their chances for a NCAA berth and they failed.  This was supposed to be the year where Bobby Gonzalez takes this team to the next level.  Their transfers are playing, the team finally has size and depth, yet it's just not clicking.  Now, we must wonder if the NIT can be an option this season, however, if the Pirates don't make it to the NCAA's, will Bobby Gonzalez have to pay for this failure? Louis Orr had a much better record and made two tourney appearances and still wasn't deemed good enough to coach Seton Hall.

BY: The hopes of an NCAA tournament berth are quickly slipping away as a 1-4 Big East start will do that to a team. It's true, the Pirates needed this game, they needed to secure a big victory, especially a road victory, sooner than later. It's going to have to wait, if it's going to happen at all this season.  To be fair on the Bobby Gonzalez subject, whether the Pirates make a postseason tournament or not, he's going to be safe.  The administration made that clear this off-season in the form of a three year contract extension.  It's not really fair to compare Gonzo and Orr.  Louis Orr had some success with the Pirates and may have been treated a bit unfairly at the end of his tenure, however, it was clear Orr wasn't cut out for recruiting in the New York-New Jersey area. Trust me, regardless what we want to pin on Gonzo thus far this season, he's going to be safe when it's said and done.  

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