Knee Jerk Reactions

Knee Jerk Reactions: Eric SoHayda's Post-Game Thoughts:

  • Last night's game was one of the worst to watch as a Pirate fan in a long time. Everything the Pirates did, especially in the first half, was wrong. Whether it was turnovers by Herb Pope, Jeremy Hazell playing hide and seek (apparently no one found him until under a minute left in the game), the three headed Point Guard being beheaded-one after another, or the fact that Georgetown was literally laughing, or they should have been, at the shooting percentage they shot, nothing was going right for the Hall, and the best place to start the blame is in the mirror.

  • It was safe to say that one person was playing well in the first half. However, that person was one that rotated. At points it was Robert "Stix" Mitchell, at other times it was Jeff Robinson or for moments Ferrakohn Hall. The problem was that no one was playing well at the same time. One possession it was Stix. Three possessions later it was Hall. Three minutes later it was JRob. There may have been Five Guys on the court but it looked like they were more interested in going to eat at Five Guys than playing ball.

  • The second half was more of the same for the first five minutes. Finally the Hall made a run, which was countered, then made another run, which was (shock) countered, and then just ran out of time to continue. After cutting the lead to single digits, and giving the Pirate faithful hope, Georgetown, like a bloodhound smelling a scent (a win?), snuffed out the rally led by Jason Clark-Bar.

  • A Fictional Story and Event: Bobby G looked to the right and sitting right behind the SHU bench was former Seton Hall law professor and current Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. He told Bobby that he had held Hazell in contempt of court, but thankfully Bobby was able to use his sales car pitch to get him out of the cell and onto the court. Too little too late, draining long distance 3s to pad his stat line and make the score differential at least somewhat respectable was in the end, a sustained objection.

Follow the jump for: Things Seton Hall has & Things Seton Hall needs

  • Things Seton Hall has:

    ** A budding star in Ferrakohn Hall - Let's hope that the staff can keep finding diamonds in the rough.

    ** A fading star: flashes of what Eugene Harvey used to be - it's like a pitcher on the downhill of their career, every once in awhile it is there, but it should be done.

    ** A very good batting average with transfers - 3 of 4 have been successful (Pope, Robinson, Mitchell) while one has been an easy out (Lawrence).

    ** Hopefully they have turned the corner at the free throw line - shooting 80% (16-20) is another positive step (can anyone say one step forward two steps backward?)

    ** A 0-4 record against top 13 teams in the nation - good news: only 2 teams are there now (WVU, NOVA) while Pitt is on the precipice of being there.  Bad news: Wins against non top teams won't help the resume (NCAA or NIT) and aren't gimmies...Not in the Big East...not ever.

    ** The ability to win is there - the capitalizing of it is not
  • Things Seton Hall needs:

    ** Defense-any would suffice at this point

    ** A back up to Herb Pope (Hall is slowly becoming that, but another recruit sure would help)

    ** A truckload of 5 Hour Energy-maybe that will wake this team up before 8PM rolls around.  Bobby G once said last year that these are New York kids and they don't wake up before 2PM...I guess now he has his watch set to London time.

    ** Another scoring option - Hazell finished with 17 (8 of which was when Georgetown was already shaking hands) it would seem that if Hazell didn't play one minute the Pirates would have trouble outscoring a middle school girls team.  That isn't a knock on the girls team, or the Pirates''s a knock on their defense.

    ** Defense! - Georgetown shot 69.8% from the field, 63.6% from beyond the arc.  The lone bright spot?  Seton Hall did a great job at defending the Hoyas (still not sure what a Hoya is), to the tune of 66.7%, from the free throw line.

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