Thoughts on Seton Hall vs Saint Peters game

What a difference one week makes. After looking lost and confused on offense last week, just about everybody contributed to the win tonight over Saint Peters. Seton Hall won 69 to 49 behind a dominating defense that caused turnovers and good transition looks. No one scored more than 11 points but 11 players scored. Here is the individual performances:

Jordan Theodore: 11pts, 2ast. Came in off the bench and just dominated with all the stats coming in the 1st half. 

Jeff Robinson: 10pts, 7reb, 1stl: His stats would have been better if not for foul trouble. He also played great defense and was 4 for 8 from field

Fuquan Edwin: 9pts, 3reb, 1ast, 1stl: Fuq looked great in his minutes. Despite a tough FG %, 3 for 10, he made could layups and finished strong at the rim. Also went 3 for 4 from the line

Jamel Jackson: 9pts, 2reb, 1ast, 1stl: He took 8 threes, hitting 3. He also made one nice drive and pass to Hall.

Herb Pope: 8pts, 8reb, 2ast: Herb struggled from the floor going 3 for 10, and from the line going 2 for 4, but he rebounded the ball well and played good defense.

Eniel Polynice: 7pts, 4reb, 3ast: Great first half but did not play more than a couple possessions in the 2nd half despite nailing a three. He played his best game of the season.

Keon Lawrence: 5pts, 5ast, 3reb, 1blk, 1stl: Man oh man did Keon play great. He made all the plays he had too make and pushed the ball well also.

Ferrokhan Hall: 4pts, 4reb: A good game for the Sophmore

Patrick Auda: 3pts, 6reb, 2blk, 1 stl: The stat line does not do him justice. He played killer D and constantly forced tough shots

Anali Okoloji: 3pts, 3reb: In his first action of the season, he played pretty well. Made a couple mistakes but nothing too bad.

Overall: We shot 40.3% from the field which is an improvement. However we went 7-27 from 3, good for 25.9%, and 8-17 from the line, good for 47%. Those two lines wont win us games verse better competition. However, this was a great game. We have another week and change until we play Arkansas so a lot of time for Coach Willard to make a game plan and work on our flaws.

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