Seton Hall Basketball: Top 5 - Welcome Back, Flag Boy, Poped Out, Head Banded, Fuquan

Hello South Orange Juicers. For all of you that don’t know me (which will probably be all of you because this is my first post), my name is Justin and I’ll be writing under the pen name, "Top5Guy," from now until the end of the season. Each week I’ll be providing you, the readers, with a light/comical Top 5 list of all on the court/off the court happenings that I’ve observed from the past week. I hope you enjoy.

To give you a little background on myself, I’m a lifelong Seton Hall Basketball fan and I graduated from SHU in 2006. I have numerous years of magazine and newspaper writing experience as I’ve written for such publications as the Asbury Park Press and HOOP Magazine.

Go Hall!

                                                                        This week’s Top 5 (11/9-11/16)

1.       Welcome back – It was good seeing Shaheen Holloway back on the Pirates’ bench.  Dude still looks like he could play. With no real "true" point guard backing up Jordan Theodore, Williard should check and see if Sha has any eligibility left. It was also good seeing another former player, Grant "G-Banger" Billmeier, on the Pirate pine.  You would think that with the addition of two former St. Patrick’s H.S. standouts to the coaching staff that it would only strengthen our relationship with one of the best basketball programs in New Jersey, no? We shall see.

2.       Flag boy – I’m sure the kid that carried the flag (a hapless three times around the court) on Friday night is a nice young man but let’s be real, it was difficult to watch. The SHU Cheerleading staff must look elsewhere for a new flag boy. My advice: Walk around the SHU campus and they're likely to bump into a few South Orange "juiced" fraternity guys that will probably be a better fit. If that fails, just get the "flag boy" on the Ferrakohn Hall workout plan.

3.       "Poped" out early – It looked as if Herb Pope was quite gassed early into Friday’s contest, but as the game went on we definitely saw flashes of the "Manster" that we became very much accustomed to last season.  A Manster = half man/half monster. After his nightmarish offseason, Seton Hall fans are aware that it might take Herb a little while to get going. With that said though, Pope’s 16 points and 20 rebounds against Willy P on Friday night is a damn good start. Welcome back big guy.

4.       Caught head banded - Jeremy Hazell in a head band? Oh yea, SHU B-Ball fans you best get used to it. On Friday night, Hazell rocked a head band similar to Clifford Robinson circa early 90’s  My only concern is that when you have exceptionally large hearing devices, like Jeremy's, I believe you have to let them breathe.  Just saying.

5.     Fuuuuquan – After Friday’s game, the freshman looks to be more polished than most would have envisioned at this point. Edwin, who recorded 15PTS/5REB/4STL in his Pirate debut, may end up a solid fixture in Willard's rotation come conference play. Also Fuquan, if you’re reading this -- I dug the faux-hawk that you sported last year, bring it back!

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