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Top 5 (12/3-12/10)

1.     Three cheers for the giveaway – Upon finding my seat at the Rock on Monday night, I was pleased to receive a “Seton Hall Cheer 2011 Calendar” from one of the always pleasant Prudential Center greeters. I really dug this giveaway. Not only because it is calender filled with fine looking ladies, but because it’s different. I’m pretty sure it’s the first of its kind (at least to my knowledge). It sure beats the Bobby Gonzalez bobble head they gave away last year (You remember... the one that looked more like Barak Obama) or one of those cheaply made t-shirts with a cheesy saying on it like “Juice the Cuse”. As much as I like this giveaway, I do have one problem with it. Where is the male cheerleader dude with the braided mo-hawk pony tail? A guy that has the marbles to sport a ridiculous haircut like definitely deserves a spot in the calendar.


2.     B-Team – When Willard decided to go with Patrik Auda, Fuquan Edwin, Jam Jackson, Ferrakohn Hall and Keon Lawrence during a large stretch in the second half on Monday night, I definitely scratched my head and wondered a few things. Where would the scoring come from? Who would be the leader out there? How big of a hole are we going to dig ourselves? But to my surprise, all five players played real well together and at times even looked to have my chemistry then the five that started the game (Auda, Edwin, Herb Pope, Jeff Robinson and Eniel Polynice). The “B-Team” even opened up a 22-point lead, which would be the games’ biggest deficit. Who knew?


3.     Really? – For all of you that haven’t heard Texas Christian University (TCU) will be joining the Big East in 2012. This to me is crazy for several reasons. First of all, how far west are going to go? In my opinion schools like DePaul (Illinois), Marquette (Wisconsin) and Notre Dame (Indiana) are even a stretch to be in the BE. Secondly, 17 schools in once conference is wild to even fathom. As far as the other big time college basketball conferences go (the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 and SEC), they have or will only have 12 schools each in 2012. But overall, big picture, I don’t think this bodes well for the Hall’. It’s highly doubtful the Big East will keep 17 teams for an extended period of time. Two things could happen. They could either break up the 17 teams into two different divisions or they could just cut ties with several schools. If they were to do away with a few schools I believe that schools like the Hall’, Providence, St. John’s, Marquette and DePaul would most likely be on the chopping black due to their lack of collegiate football programs. Seton Hall to the A-10? Don’t laugh now South Orange Juicers, I’ve heard and seen crazier things. But hey one positive thing is that the A-10 plays its conference tourney in Atlantic City. What’s better then gambling, booze and Hall B-ball?


4.     Throwback - One of my buddies showed me this on you tube this week and after watching it, it quickly brought me back to my senior year (06’)-the last time I dusted off my blue and white dancing shoes.  Let’s hope this year’s team can make a sequel to this video. In the first part of the video, check out Donald Copland’s reaction to hearing his team’s name being called. Really good stuff.


5.     It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one – To avoid acquiring a criminal record (stemming from his stealing of a man purse from the Short Hills Mall in late June), former Seton Hall basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez was accepted into a one-year pretrial intervention program on Friday. Gonzalez will be required to perform 50 hours of community service and pay restitution to the Polo Ralph Lauren store where he was accused of taking a $1,400 satchel. Come on Bobby G, do you really think by doing this you’ll be whipping your slate clean? The damage is ultimately done my friend.  The college basketball circle is already on to your man purse stealing ways. Good luck finding a relevant D-1 coaching position any time in the near future. My advice is to “google” D-3 colleges in Montana and start from there.

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