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Here it is!  The archive of the Bobby Gonzalez Truth website, before it was taken down in last month.  Enjoy!

Bobby Gonzalez Truth


We are a group of friends and associates of Bobby Gonzalez who believe there has recently been a smear campaign of lies orchestrated by Seton Hall Administration and perpetuated purposely by members of the press.





We are a group of friends, associates, former associates and supporters of Bobby Gonzalez. We believe that Seton Hall University, with the help of certain reporters in print and other media have engineered and orchestrated a deliberate smear campaign to destroy Bobby’s career and damage him both professionally and personally.


You can join in or comment however, we have moderators who must approve your comments. Frankly, though, if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Keep in mind we are not interested in your defensive posturing or knee-jerk reactions to something we write that you don’t like. You’ve had four years to say anything and everything you’ve wanted to say, whether it be in news print, blogs or message boards. You have printed or said every conceivable negative thing, acted with cruelty and malice and flat-out lied and deceived. You have had your contemptible way without reprisal long enough.


We are especially interested in Pete Thamel and Kevin Armstrong of the New York Times, Lenn Robbins, Sean Brennan, Tim Sullivan, of the New York Post; JP Pelzman, John Rowe of the Bergen Record; Steve Politi, Brendan Punty of the Star Ledger; Jerry Carino of the Herald News. There are others like Ian O’Connor, Adrian Wojonowski, Pat Forde; Adam Zagoria, Jeff Goodman, Gary Parrish, and then there are specific message boards such as among others.


Now it’s time for the truth.


This blog will also serve as a journal of sorts, a running diary on slander and defamation if you will. We are now keeping track of who writes what, when and where. We are sure this will come in handy in the next few months as legal issues take shape. We have enough people to cover all the necessary social media networking pages as well as internet blogs and message boards.


Disparaging comments that appear in print anywhere or have already appeared in print will be noted. We will set straight where we can set straight.


Most important, what really happened behind the Seton Hall walls will be on the record here.

We are going to set the record straight and we know all there is to know.







Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bill Reynolds: The ‘Gonzo’ I knew was anything but ‘toxic’


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Gonzalez sends out Feelers for Hofstra job." LOLOL


Read more:


You people just make this stuff up.  This is an outright lie.

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"Septic Tank?" Ridiculous.

March 22, 2010

St. John's wise to weigh coach's metro ties

Read more:


"Seton Hall has the toughest task. The next coach will have to clean the septic tank left behind by the fired Bobby Gonzalez. Welsh, who coached at Iona before Providence, or Steve Lappas, who coached at Manhattan and Villanova, would be perfect there.

It's easy for an athletic director, under great pressure to make everyone happy, to get lost in a world of big names and fancy resumes. Find someone who knows the streets and let him work the corners."


Our response:

“Septic tank” implies that there was an actual mess with the Seton Hall program under Bobby’s watch. That is not the case. That has never been the case.
Had Bobby not been fired, the team minus Robert Mitchell who had been dismissed, would be intact and preparing for an NCAA run next season. It was all set. All players were returning and new recruits ready to come in. Robbins is part of that group of reporters helping to perpetuate a false image with inaccurate reporting and outright lies.
We are going to reserve further statements on Robbins. We have a special page planned for him alone.

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Editorial in the Star Ledger, March 27, 2010.

Editorial in the Star Ledger, March 27, 2010.

Seton Hall University's basketball team needs a cooler head to prevail


Seton Hall University sports czar Patrick Hobbs is hunting for the college’s next men’s basketball coach. After the mess left by uber-abrasive Bobby Gonzalez -- who recruited players of questionable character, then forgot to babysit them -- Hobbs, dean of the law school, is looking for a coach who better embodies the college’s Christian values:


Someone who doesn’t believe profanity is a part of speech. Someone who won’t need a bail bondsmen as an assistant coach. Someone the players and administration can trust. Someone of impeccable integrity who can win, too.


Seton Hall had a coach like that -- Louis Orr. The soft-spoken Orr led the Pirates to two NCAA Tournament berths and a spot in the National Invitation Tournament, but he was kicked to the curb because, critics said, he wasn’t fiery enough and he couldn’t recruit.


So, Monsignor Robert Sheeran, Seton Hall’s president -- with state Sen. Richard Codey whispering in his ear -- hired Gonzalez. Not surprisingly, Gonzalez, with the personality of a spitting volcano, racked up enemies faster than victories. He recruited castoffs and misfits who created trouble on and off the court ? and in and out of the courts. Hobbs now must find a coach who will restore Seton Hall’s good name.


If Orr’s qualities weren’t the right match for Seton Hall back then, one thing is certain: They are now.


Our response:

First sentence: sports czar? Dean Hobbs is a law school dean with no basketball background. He was an obscure quiet man until he befriended Bobby. Then he got into the public eye and lost his mind. Having lunch with sports celebrities,wining and dining among the basketball elite and seeing his name in print on a daily basis, pushed his aforementioned quietness into full-scale egotism. Lunching with Doug Gottlieb not something he's about to give up.

Problem is he has yet to see the other side. Wait until the press praise he so covets turns around and hands him his head.


"Mess" and "uber-abrasive:" There was no mess. That is a lie put out by the school in order to attempt to fire Bobby "for cause." With the exception of Robert Mitchell who was dismissed from the team - finally and by the coach even after the administration requested that he stay on the team - and Melvyn Oliver who was taken off the team to concentrate on academics, the basketball team is all in good standing, the program is run cleanly, there are no NCAA violations, minor, secondary or otherwise, and there are not now nor have there been any behavior or conduct issues with Bobby. As for the "uber," there are probably 1,000 video tapes that can be viewed regarding Bobby and the marketing of the Seton Hall program. He was always a positive face for the University in spite of the thousands of knives in his back.


He kept smiling.


Someone is going to have a heck of a time trying to prove that as true.


"Who recruited players of questionable character then forgot to babysit" them: commenting on the character of another is a an extremely slippery slope. This writer has insulted in print every member of the basketball team, flat-out calls them "questionable" then adds that they in fact need a "babysitter." This doesn't just insult and slander the coach, this insults every player, their parents and their upbringing. Wow.


"Hobbs, dean of the law school, is looking for a coach who better embodies the college's Christian values":


This is offensive on so many levels,We are not sure where to begin. Bobby was raised in Christian schools by “uber” Christian people. He lives these values on the court and off.


To question someone's Christianity like this in print, while ignoring their own scurrilous behavior much less the college's behavior and what with the adninistration's lies and deceit. They actually made it all up folks. They had to try and find a way to fire for cause. That they continue to destroy and damage a man's livelihood is beyond abominable. It goes to violating a person's constituional rights. It goes way beyond defamation.


"Someone who doesn't believe profanity is a part of speech. Someone who won't need a bail bondsman as an assistant coach." "Someone the players and administration can trust." "Someone with impeccable integrity that can win too:"


Bobby was fired as a basketball coach for reasons fast becoming frivolous and now the Star Ledger wants to add language to the already made-up list of offenses? Do people swear? Do Star Ledger employees swear?


A bail bondsman? This again, is an attack on the entire basketball team, their parents, their upbringing and their character. It is racism, pure and simple and violates the privacy and civil rights of the players.
Bobby had a coaching staff made up of hard-working assistants who are fine men. This slur goes to the heart of the credibility of the writer and is indefensible.
Add to that, the administration of Seton Hall interviewed and accepted, happily, every one of these players.


"Trust" and "integrity." Bobby has never committed any kind of offense that would demean his integrity. The school has never been given any reason for "mistrust." This is fact.
This demeans his character, questions his integrity and says he can't be trusted to run a program and that, again, sounds like a constitutional violation. It goes beyond defamation and strikes at the heart of a person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of just about everything..


They then compare Bobby to Louis Orr. They are saying that Louie Orr is all of these things. That he had integrity, could be trusted, didn't bring in kids of questionable character, didn't swear and didn't have players arrested. We wonder, does the school have access to all of their press conference material back then? No? How about all the news articles in which the administration is quoted? No? That’s okay. We have them.


The school, and the Star Ledger, have a very short memory. They accused Orr of all of these things. He did have players arrested. Kelly Whitney, recently arrested with Robert Mitchell, is Orr's player. The school has tried to lump him in with Bobby's recruited players but it is in fact, absolutely untrue.
As to Orr being "soft spoken?" There are press conferences on film with Orr loudly criticizing Big East officials. There is plenty of game film.


The picture the Star Ledger is attempting to paint with this comparison is pure fiction. And their own archives will prove that.


"So, Monsignor Robert Sheeran, Seton Hall’s president ? with state Sen. Richard Codey whispering in his ear ? hired Gonzalez. Not surprisingly, Gonzalez, with the personality of a spitting volcano, racked up enemies faster than victories. He recruited castoffs and misfits who created trouble on and off the court ? and in and out of the courts. Hobbs now must find a coach who will restore Seton Hall’s good name."

"If Orr’s qualities weren’t the right match for Seton Hall back then, one thing is certain: They are now."

The "spitting volcano" and "racked up enemies" are a product of a writer trying to be inventive and using adjectives designed to provide the most derogatory and disparaging picture imagainable. But the "castoffs and misfits" is extremely damaging to the coach and again, to the basketball players. Herb Pope, Jeff Robinson and Keon Lawrence were not castoffs and misfits nor are the rest of the players.

The statement is vague, general, cryptic by design.


The "Orr's qualities" comparison: The Star Ledger is not in position, now or ever to be qualified to judge a person's qualities nor to perform a comparison. It is as slippery a slope as you can go down.


A person is defamed when a newspaper shows an actual malice or/ reckless disregard for the truth, when it makes damaging statements concerning a person's professional character or standing. The news media has what is called "qualified privilege." News stories, even opinions and editorials, must be "fair, accurate and complete, without malice, and published for justifiable ends."


A newspaper has an obligation to: responsibility, objectivity, even handedness, accuracy, impartiality, fairness, balance and credibility.


If ever a person was defamed by an all-out constructed and orchestrated effort by a college and a newspaper, this is it.
There isn't even a debate.


Add to that maybe a very real civil rights violations and offenses both on the coach and the players. Sounds real anyway. We’ll see.


As for a mess: well there wasn’t one before, but there sure is now. Players came to Seton Hall to play for Bobby Gonzalez. They’re gone. Ha ha. If stupidity were misinformed fans, Seton Hall would be the wealthiest school in the nation.


As for Seton Hall's "good name:" that is something that is seriously open to debate. Seton Hall has never had a good name. Never. Back in its 80s glory days which they have been reliving every year since 1989, PJ Carlisimo was (and is) known to be one of the most abusive coaches in college basketball but he is continually honored by this hypocritical school and their mockery of their own Christian values.
Let’s see, internet accounts called Blaney "lazy," Amaker an "empty suit," Orr, "lazy and preacher" among a host of other things.


Gee, seems fans have turned against every coach that has ever been at Seton Hall.


Bobby was warned repeatedly by multiple sources against taking the job at Seton Hall because of Sheeran and his administration's reputation for unfairness, temperamental decision making and downright deceitful, lying, cheating behavior.

Which certainly is continuing.


No, not a good name at all.

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