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Here's some other stuff that I have saved on my computer that seems to be generating some interest on the net lately.

Linda Gonzalez's blog post from June 16, 2010, titled "Ridiculous"

"On Lunacy and Antics" from January 28, 2010

and snippets from "On NY Times Article" from March 8, 2010

These were all accessed freely using Google search cache and were at one time posted in their entirety on PirateCrew and several other forums.  They are being archived here for anyone who is curious about the actions that led to Bobby Gonzalez's dismissal from Seton Hall in 2010.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
The conversation went something like this: tell Bobby to take the
$275,000 or so or we'll drag him through the mud again.

You can guess the answer.

So Hobbs and company leak a lie to the press, (not even the press -
Adam Zagoria no less) the only thing they could possibly make
believable because they had nothing else. Bobby is accused of swearing
at his boss. In a last minute scramble to find something, anything, to
show cause. But there's no smoking gun. Never was.
This isn't one either and in fact is a total lie. Never happened.
Worse for Seton Hall, they can't prove it either. You can't have a
tape of something that never happened. So they put themselves in an
even worse position. How patient will a judge be with an
administration who tries to make a hearsay phone conversation into a
main point of contention.

But what else have you got? Nada. Zilch.

Still Hobbs had to try and come up with cause. Even though his own
attorney knows this isn't cause. There's no language verbage in the
contract. Seton Hall was out of time. They spent three months and
thousand upon thousand of dollars flying around the country trying to
dig up dirt on Bobby and came up with zilch.

That's what Bobby meant when he made his statement about not having
any "sex scandals" or DWIs or NCAA violations. He knew and his
attorney knew the school was scouring the countryside. And they also
knew they wouldn't find anything.

Poor Hobbs. He had to do something, the counterclaim was upon him. So
this was his answer. Unfortunately his attorney screwed up. He didn't
file it on time or properly, so the counterclaim is null and void.
(You would think Seton Hall could find an attorney that knows the
difference in rules between state and federal courts.)

Still fans are quick to jump on it with asinine obversations. Oh so
this explains it all for them. Ahh they knew there was a reason. Still
blind. Still stupid. Unbelievably so. It's easy for Seton Hall and its
minions to paint Bobby as an unstable, raving lunatic and then get
fans on board because fans are easily led and basically so unhappy and
miserable with their own lives that they salivate over this nonsense.
Forget never acknowledging for a second that they could in fact have
it all wrong.

A couple say Bobby could not have survived Robert Mitchell's arrest
that no one could. He could have if there was a single person in the
administration that was honest.

Here's where the real injustice lies: Robert Mitchell is Hobbsies
Baby, not Bobby's. And it is Pat Hobbs who should've been fired, not
Bobby. Hobbs has been lying this entire time about that. When he knew
the arrest was coming, some in the middle of the night phone calls to
save his own ass, resulted in the decision to fire Bobby. It was not
weeks before as he said. Not even close.

Bobby brought Robert Mitchell in for sure. He readily admits that he
fell for the Coach, I want a clean start, I'll work hard, focus on
basketball, blah, blah, blah. And for a year or so, Mitchell did in
fact work hard. Fans called him the glue guy. Problem is, fans forgot
to notice when he changed. They assumed it was a playing time issue.
Never for a second did they think there might be something wrong with
the kid.

Seven months before Mitchell's actual arrest for home invasion, police
were on campus to question Mitchell for another home invasion. They
didn't have the evidence to charge him. There were other issues with
pot and girls. There were verbal assaults on the assistant coaches
with threats of physical assault. There were lies and more lies.

Hobbs knew it all. Bobby wanted Mitchell off the team at the beginning
of last season. Hobbs insisted Mitchell stay on the team. Why? Fear
that fans would get mad at him. Swear that's the only reason. Fear of
fan reaction. Message board morons harped continuously on Poor Robert
getting screwed on playing time, coach is unjust, unfair to poor
Robert. Lazy slimeball reporters like Pelzman pick up on it and write
things and start to follow Robert Mitchell around. The kid starts to
get a feeling of entitlement and starts to treat his teammates like
he's better than they are. He's disrespecting everyone in sight.

But Hobbs, instead of agreeing with Bobby and knowing full well the
kid had turned, still insisted he stay on the team. He forced the
basketball staff to read emails from the message board maniacs
complaining about Robert's playing time.

Bobby keeps telling Hobbs the kid is out of control, that he's ruining
the team. Hobbs maintains his stance.

Mitchell quits the team in February. He goes to the administration and
lies about the basketball staff. He lies about his teammates and
accuses them of all sorts of stuff. Quinlan is in his glory. But it
turns out all to be untrue.

Mitchell regrets his decision within days. Goes to the coach and begs
to be let back on the team. He makes more promises, tells more lies.
bobby lets him back on because Hobbs tells him to let the kid back on.

Enter JP Pelzman. He follows Mitchell around for weeks and confronts
him after every game. He wants Mitchell to go on the record with his
playing time complaints.

Mitchell plays in the Big East Tournament and almost single-handedly
gives away the Providence game. It is obvious to everyone that he
wants to hurt his team and the coaching staff. Bobby has had it with
him and wants him gone. He tells Hobbs that.

Hobbs is arguing the point to keep Mitchell on no matter what.

Mitchell gives in to Pelzman and goes on the record with his BS.

Bobby has a heated conversation with Pelzman and he tells him that
this story will hurt the kid. Pelzman prints it anyway.

Bobby dismisses Mitchell from the team. He and Hobbs get into a heated
discussion about it. No MFing, just business. Bobby told him Mitchell
was uncoachable and was out. Hobbs said this is not a good
conversation, we'll talk about this another time. (he didn't hang up.)

News that Mitchell was going to be arrested had come the day of the
Texas Tech game. Now Hobbs was in a bind. He's the one who insisted
Robert Mitchell stay on the team but the only other people who knew
that were Joe Quinlan and Bobby and a few outsiders (witnesses now).
Quinlan, Hobbs hates, but he used him to help with a hurry up smear
campaign centered around blaming Bobby for Robert Mitchell so the
school and especially himself would not take the hit.
Bobby is not to blame for Robert Mitchell. Hobbs is. Bobby saw his
responsibility back in September and tried to do what was right. Hobbs
would not let him. Hobbs is his boss so the choice was taken away from
him at least until push came to shove eight months later.

So like I said, this is only one of Hobb's moves. Can't see how when
the other stuff comes to light, on top of this,that Hobbs survives.
Maybe he would like to talk about drug testing in court and his role
there. Or maybe he would like to discuss Cancun? How about that Mr.
Hobbs? Would you like to discuss Cancun? Then there's the myriad of
indiscreet conversations involving Seton Hall's financial affairs and
other employees for whom Hobbs had plans. There are dinners involving
associates and doners to Seton Hall who were privilege to certain
conversations with Hobbs regarding Bobby. There were plenty of
conversations involving Quinlan. The list is long, long, long.

And there's always the stuff that came out years ago when Hobbs was
first considered for law school dean. Maybe that can be rehashed too
since Hobbs made such a big deal out of standing in front of the press
crying honor and integrity. The press just loves a guy that does that.
And a Catholic school. What have you got yourselves now?

Hobbs won't survive a trial. Can't. Sheerans legacy is a sham. He's
known for temperamental firings and deceit against those he's fired.
Like it or not, it's who he is and what he will be remembered for.
Quinlan is the worst AD in the country to anyone not associated with
Seton Hall, and frankly a tool who is actually allowing himself to be
used as one by Hobbs. But not for long. Hobbs will rid himself of
Quinlan as fast as he can when this lawsuit is over.

Bobby took the fall for an out of control, out of his head, acting
athletic director caught up in his own arrogance, partying and
parlaying himself into some sort of fame. There's little more to him
than that.

Would fans still be writing "Hobbs gets it" if they knew about this
other stuff. Don't think so.

But then they're Seton hall fans. Always defensive, always on the
attack, always delusional and always cruel. Not once have I ever seen
the majority get anything right. But that never stops them.
They have short memories for sure. Not once do you hear any fan
acknowledge Seton hall's history of firing people and then not paying
them. They do not acknowledge their standard practice of smearing the
reputations of the people they fire. Now they want to paint Bobby as a
bad guy and that this is the reason for his being fired. Yeah, he's
mean and emotional and on and on....blah, blah. So he had to go.

Really? Louie Orr was a nice guy. Did that stop Seton Hall from
badmouthing him and refusing to pay him. How about George Blaney? He
too was a nice guy. Did that stop them from badmouthing him and
refusing to pay him.
We know of a law professor (friend of Rich Ensor) who was fired and
the school badmouthed him and refused to pay him. He had to file suit
to get his money. How about the priest that was considered a
presidential candidate? They smeared a respectable man who never even
worked a day for Seton Hall.
How about the assistants who lost their jobs and who the school has
been badmouthing ever since. Does Dermon Player, Scottie Adabato,
Murph or Kaz deserve to have Joe Quinlan and Pat Hobbs telling people
not to hire them. Make no mistake, that is exactly what they're doing.

One fan wrote that this was likely only the tip of the iceberg and
that there would be much more so Bobby should tread lightly.

Wrong. This is the entire iceberg for Seton Hall. It's Bobby who is
holding all the cards close to the vest. It is Seton Hall who needs
now to tread lightly.

The "indiscretions" which are not yet known to the general public, are

The false information out there actually put out there by the school
is unbelievable.

Take the so called loan of $125,000. There was no loan. The $125,000
was the buy-out from Manhattan. The school, in their usual cheapness,
put it on their books as a loan forgiveable by the year for their own
budget purposes. MAKE NO MISTAKE - it was not a loan to Bobby. It was
an obligation Seton Hall had to Manhattan College. End of that story.

The reason behind the firing is the largest cover-up in Seton hall's
checkered histor (minus the dirty money they took for years)

Pat Hobbs fired Bobby to save himself.

In all honesty, if he didn't like him his personality, he would've
been better off saying I fired him because I thought he was a jerk.
Instead, he talks about Catholic honor and badmouths bobby's players
as bad kids even as he hires a guy recommended by a known adulterer
who paid for his mistresses abortion and does everything short of
standing on his head to keep the so called bad kids on the team.

It wasn't enough to fire Bobby. They had to orchestrate a smear
campaign from coast to coast to bolster up their own tarnished image
that was tarnished long before Bobby ever got to Seton Hall. It was a
strategic attack in the hopes of avoiding the bad press that they got
when they fired Orr.

Maybe they even started believing their own lies and became convinced
that there was a smoking gun.

Three months and thousands of dollars in travel expenses to try and
dig up dirt on Bobby. Nothing.
Not a surprise to me. He ran a clean program so I knew they would
never get him on NCAA violations.
It got so bad for the administration that they had to resort to the
NYTimes article which isn't even about Seton Hall or anything that's
happened at Seton hall, to find dirt to print.

So the worst they could do was accuse him of cursing, first his boss
(which didn't happen) and then reporters which did. Yeah, I'm sure
coaches all over America are saying shame on you. You have got to be
kidding. They're shaking their heads. If the school is relying on
other coaches to back them, good luck. Bobby has heard from half the
coaches in America offering to help him anyway they can. And a few NBA
coaches as well. Maybe Fred Hill, or Rick Pitino when his own trial
dujour is over.

As for Politi, Carino and any other BS artist with their he'll never
work again. Get serious. He wins. He has no scandals, no violations.
He's been trashed by Seton hall writers and fans jumping on the bully
pulpit bandwagon, out for blood.

That will turn. On them. And there's always a book deal to make sure
that happens.








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I have long wanted to comment on all this nonsense about my brother,
Bobby Gonzalez” sideline demeanor. It’s hard being forced to sit back
helplessly and listen while Seton Hall fans heap scorn and ridicule on
their own coach. That these fans don’t get him is patently obvious,
but what is worse is that they do not realize how wrong they are to do
what they do or how much they hurt themselves.

Let me preface this subject by saying, I can miss some things  by
inches, but I seldom, if ever, miss it by a mile. And this time, on
this subject, I’m 100 percent absolutely correct.

There are two basic categories of writers and fans who constantly
shout the shout of “grow up “or refer to the coach as a “lunatic,” or
refer to “sideline antics.”

There is that group of whiners and tantrum throwers (who
coincidentally do what they accuse the coach of doing) and there is
the quieter, more reasonable group who talk about how Bobby has toned
down his sideline behavior and they talk of this as a good thing. They
sound reasonable so it sounds plausible.

Both are dangerous.

The last thing you want to do to try and change the character or the
way a coach coaches. It is the single largest mistake you can make as
a fan group. For writers it just shows a lack of insight.

Bobby’s sideline demeanor is him.  His emotion and passion on the
sidelines is not “lunacy” or “antics,” It is how his coaching emotion
and passion translates.  You should want that.

Forget all you know about what “YOU” want to see on the sidelines and
what “YOU” are comfortable with. Try and come at this from a different
perspective, one that says you are looking at something you don’t
understand and are not comfortable with but for the greater good you
are willing to let him give everything he’s got to give and see what
happens. In this case maybe you shouldn’t lean on your own
understanding. Just because you are not comfortable with something or
it doesn’t jive with your sensibilities, doesn’t mean it’s something
that should change.

To want toned down is a big mistake, huge, huge mistake.

The more energy he exhibits the better it is. Players feed off that
energy and passion.

The more you tone it down, the more you hurt the team and your own chances.

I’ve seen this before from fans when Bobby was at Manhattan.  And yes,
I know it’s the MAAC  and not in the same class as the Big East.

The first two years, fans did the same thing. Always yapping and
screaming about Bobby’s “behavior.”  And then something changed with
them. Probably because across the country ESPN and other announcers
constantly talked about how his players played continually hard and
all pumped up from feeding off the energy of their coach.  The
competition, especially opposing coaches, understood it perfectly and
talked about it.  More than the “he makes coffee nervous” was “he
should bottle that energy and sell it because other coaches would buy
it” by the pundits.

The opposition certainly gets it. It is to their advantage to get to
writers or Seton hall fans  and to paint Bobby as some maniac.  The
more the opposition can get Bobby to tone down, the better it is for

When fans  got it at Manhattan, everything accelerated. There was no
stopping Bobby’s teams.  That’s the reality. Would he have had success
without the fans ? Most likely, but probably would’ve taken longer.
What happened was instead of criticizing, they got behind  the energy.
Instead of wanting him to shut up when it came to officials, they were
yelling, “get him Bobby,” and “tell him Bobby,”  and the more animated
he was on the sidelines, the more fired-up the fans became. The air
was always electrified,  the players were always juiced by it. They
defended every possession as though their lives depended on it in
every game.

It got to the point where it made opposing fans furious. Manhattan
fans would chant “we love Bobby and opposing fans would answer with
“we hate Bobby” and the players would laugh and play harder.

Did Bobby get technicals? Of course. And so what? Technicals are part
of the game. 99 percent of the time, they’re a good thing for firing
up a team. If that one percent of the time, two points hurts? So what?
He’s worth two points.  And frankly, what fans don’t actually keep
track of is that usually if he says something to the officials, it
generally keeps the next 8 to 10 calls fair.

Officiating would be killing us no matter what Bobby does. I seem to
recall a press conference with Louie Orr regarding Big East
officiating that made every news channel. And Orr was hardly combative
or animated out of the ordinary on the sidelines.  What he was – a
rookie Big East coach likely tweaked the egos of the officials some.
But mainly, the officials were doing the same things they would do
anyway.  They protect the HOFs, there’s always home-cooking at certain
venues, some more than others, and there’s always those officials
whose own egos get in the way. Just how it is. And if that’s the case,
why not fight for your team? The idea that this costs us games is
ludicrous. If I’m a player, I’m wanting my coach to fight for me.

Bobby kept quiet during the Uconn game a couple of weeks ago, at
Storrs, and I believe it ultimately cost us the game.

Writers and fans don’t always see things like this. They would not
notice how and when (other than a few random) the calls came against
us chronologically or notice the imbalance from one end of the floor
to the other.  They’re probably not supposed to anyway.  After all,
fans watch to enjoy the game. At least most do.

Some fans only want what their preconceived ideas about things tell
them they should want.  If you work in an office, you are used to
people behaving in a civil, passive manner. It’s just how the world
has to function.

But why in the world would you want that in your sport? If that’s the
type of coach you want then why not hire an IBMer and not a life-long
gym rat?

I happen to think that the fans who are always whining about so called
antics are likely themselves either conservative, passive people or
flat -out without passion,  maybe even lazy or one of those (who the
tv zooms in at games) sitting glumly in their seats and who look like
it would take dynamite to blast them 0ut. The height of passion for
other fans is to rant and rave on an internet message board. Anger
issue resolved and all that.

All I can say about that is how about not getting angry about it and
again, try to come from a different perspective.  If it doesn’t work
you can always go back to moaning and groaning.

Point is, it all worked before and will work now.

Now granted the Big East is a larger venue and fans in not so intimate
a setting but still….

It all works the same, just on a larger scale.

Believe me, the last thing you want to do is ask the coach to tone down.

You want passion – the more the better.

You want energy – the more the better.

You want fiery – the more the better.

Make life easier on yourselves and get behind it.  You might enjoy it.
I know I will. I want  more of the fire. More, more, more. Enough of
this toned-down crap.

Let them all know we were here!






On NY Times article-

We got word a while back that a reporter at the Times was trying to do
some hatchet piece on Bobby Gonzalez. People - and I mean lots of them
- had been called by this reporter and asked questions all leading and
all negative. Some complained that they were downright sleazy.  It was
obvious that the reporter was attempting to find any dirt he could.
Unfortunately he couldn't really find any. So he had to go back and
rely on old anecdotes from Bobby's earlier days at Manhattan College.
When you see a story like this, timed to come out the day before the
opening of the Big East Tournament and on a coach who hasn't done
anything to deserve having a newspaper suddenly run a hit campaign on
him, you have to ask yourself why.  Yeah, why? Why this coach?  Why
now? You have to ask yourself about the motives. You have to ask, Who
benefits? And you have to follow the lie to get your answers.

Follow the lie. It's fundamental reporting. I'm mentioned in the
story. Gee, how flattering - a sister fighting for her brother - what
earth shattering news. He said I "frequently" call reporters to
complain about negative reporting. Not true. As a former reporter, I
often serve in an advisory  capacity for Bobby that's more sisterly,
motherly stuff, but only with reminders now and then.

Byrnes is on the list.  Most of the rest of these articles are just so
stupid that it's better to let them stand without comment and hang
themselves with their lack of explanation and credibility.

This is a badly pieced together story. And careless.   For instance,
the Big East never suspended Bobby for sideline behavior and being
critical of officials. They have never suspended a Big East coach for
anything. Never happened. Seton Hall University applied that
suspension and it was for being critical of officials.

They take a cheap shot at Seton Hall for firing Louie Orr after he
made the NCAAs which they did. But it didn't occur to this reporter
that the NCAAs had nothing to do with why the school saw Orr as a bad
fit. They take another cheap shot at our record which, by the way, is
a winning record and better than any of the other metropolitan area


I asked the above questions: Why this coach, why now, why all the
negative questions, the gist of the story, etc. etc. and his answer –
now here is the lie - the Big East Tournament is next week and Seton
Hall is a bubble team.


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