Looking ahead beyond this year and into the future

I know some will say we can't give up on this year, but as much as I have tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at 7-7 with no good wins I don't see us having any chance at making the NCAA's. For this reason, I think Hazel will redshirt this year and try to make a serious run next year at two things: 1. the scoring title, 2. the NCAA tourney. Now lets take a look at the roster, as currently suited, for next year

First, I am going to make the assumption that Hazell and Pope will come back (although if Pope keeps playing well he might leave) and I think JROB is eligible to come back next year as well (correct me if I am wrong)

PG: JT, Wilson(FR)

SG: Hazell, Cosby (FR), Karlis (s.p? FR)

SF: Edwin, (possibly Kyle Andersen??)

PF: Auda, Okoloji

C: Pope, Geramipoor

Here is what I think we need to add: A slashing small forward to complement Edwin, a rebounding big, and a JUCO PG. IF we get those three things we are deep at the guard, and have good enough depth in the front court. Now moving on to what I could expect out of next year. If Hazell, Pope, and JROB stayed for next year we would have a team featuring 4 seniors in the starting lineup (JT, Haz, Pope, JROB) if you combine this with a JUCO and our awesome class of sophomores we would have good experience to go along with up to 5 freshman. With the BIG 4 (JT, JROB, Haz, and Pope) we would have one of the best, most experienced cores of players in the nation. If Fuq keeps developing we would have one of the best starting lineups in the nation as well. Now you add in the depth of Auda, Aaron, Okoloji, Cosby, Karilis, Wilson and others we are a deep and experienced team. We also will have the benefit of one of the 5 best players in the nation in Jeremy Hazell. My expectations for this team would be through the roof. This would be our year to make a big push in the Big East.


Looking ahead even further: If we were great next year and made the NCAA's we could gain an edge on RU and SJU in the recruiting trail and lock up our program for the future. I think Willard can get us to the level of a Notre Dame, where we compete in the Big East every year, but I think it takes a strong year next year so we can start getting the NJ and NYC recruits.


Anyways, these are just my two sense. Any other thoughts?

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