Bubble Games of the Week: Bye Bye Winter Break

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College students all across the nation are flooding back onto campuses this week to start the second semester, but most importantly: cheer on their men's basketball team. Some students have more cheering to do than others. If you're a fan of one of the teams in bold below, losing your voice is mandatory.

Monday, January 10th:
#11 Notre Dame @ Marquette - 7PM ESPN2 - Notre Dame travels to Wisconsin to take on a Marquette team that really needs a signature win on their resume. Most of the nation will be watching the BCS National Championship, the die hards will be watching this Big East match-up.

Tuesday, January 11th:
North Carolina State @ Boston College - 9PM ESPNU - Boston College can't afford many slip ups in ACC. North Carolina State is hanging on to the bubble picture by their finger nails.
Florida @ Tennessee - 9PM ESPN - Both teams are IN, but Tennessee can really use a win. They have been all over the place this season. Its time to buckle down in SEC play.

Wednesday, January 12th:
#1 Duke @ Florida State - 9PM ESPN - Florida State has a poor resume. No better way to improve it than a win against the #1 team in the land.
#4 Syracuse @ St. John's - 7PM ESPNU - The Johnnies have quickly propelled their way into the field of 68. Will they solidify their spot?
Nebraska @ #12 Missouri - 7PM ESPN3 - Nebraska is an outsider, just like Colorado. Will they play as well as Colorado did against Mizzou? They hope so.
Georgia @ Vanderbilt - 8PM ESPN3 - Both teams are in, but like Tennessee, a Georgia win would prove Kentucky wasn't a fluke.
Oklahoma State @ #13 Texas A/M - 8PM ESPN3 - Oklahoma State is bubble-IN, but a win would really help give them a single digit seed.

Thursday, January 13th:
Old Dominion @ Drexel - 7PM ESPNU - Drexel's stock has plummeted. A big opportunity here.

Friday, January 14th:
No Bubble Games.

Saturday, January 15th:
Marquette @ #23 Louisville - 11AM ESPN2 - Second big chance of the week for Marquette. This time, on the road.
Maryland @ Villanova - 1PM CBS - Maryland has come up short in their big games this season. They travel to Philadelphia to take on their second opponent from the City of Brotherly Love. They hope to fair better than they did against Temple.
Nebraska @ #3 Kansas - 2PM ESPNU - Like Marquette, second opportunity of the week for Nebraska. Another huge road game.
Oklahoma State @ Colorado - 130PM ESPN3 - Oklahoma State has the chance to solidify their spot, or Colorado can attract more attention via a win.
North Carolina State @ Florida State - 4PM - Two ACC outsiders. Must win for both.
Georgia @ Ole Miss - 5PM ESPN3 - Important SEC bubble clash. More important for Ole Miss, who doesn't have any good wins.
Baylor @ Iowa State - 6PM ESPN3 - Iowa State has dropped from my LockBox, but Baylor needs this win to stay in the hunt.
Boston College @ Miami - 6PM ESPNU - Yet another ACC bubble match-up. These teams are in better shape then the rest, but still a must win.
Dayton @ Xavier - 8PM CBS-CS - Xavier is in worse position than Dayton.

Sunday, January 16th:
#11 Notre Dame @ St. John's - Noon ESPN3 - Huge noon showdown in the Garden.

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