Bubble Games of the Week: Jan 16th - Jan 23rd

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Monday, January 17th:
#2 Kansas @ Baylor - 930PM ESPN - After a loss to Iowa State, Baylor really needs to kick it in gear. They are nowhere near an at-large bid (100+ RPI, 180+ SOS, no quality wins).

Tuesday, January 18th:
Tennessee @ Georgia - 7PM ESPNU - An 0-2 start in the SEC for the Vols was redeemed with a win over Vanderbilt. Georgia destroyed fellow bubble team Ole Miss in their last game.
Colorado @ Nebraska - 7PM ESPN2 - Colorado has played themselves into the middle of the bubble picture with a 3-0 start in Big 12 play.
Clemson @ UNC - 8PM - UNC is looking to rebound from an embarrassing loss to Georgia Tech against bubble-OUT Clemson.

Wednesday, January 19th:
Penn State @ #14 Purdue - 830 BTN - Can Penn State notch its 3rd upset against Top 20 teams in four tries?
#4 Duke @ NC State - 7PM ESPN - A 1-2 start to ACC play does not bode well for the Wolfpack. Here is a major opportunity.
#25 Cincinnati @ #16 Notre Dame - 7PM ESPN2 - When was the last team a ranked team (Cincy) was on the bubble? They need some big wins.
St. John's @ #19 Louisville - 7PM ESPN3 - Will this be the 4th big win for the Johnnies in Big East play?
Memphis @ Southern Miss. - 7PM - Believe it or not, So Miss' resume is slightly better than Memphis'.
Arkansas @ South Carolina - 8PM ESPN3 - Both teams need a win here, since their resumes aren't that great.
Florida State @ Miami - 9PM - 'Noles looking to build on their win over #1 Duke.

Thursday, January 20th:
Arizona @ #20 Washington - 1030PM FSN - Arizona doesn't have any big wins yet, a win over ranked Washington would do wonders for their resume, and put them into first place in the Pac-10.
Virginia Tech @ Maryland - 9PM ESPN2 - Important for both teams to get a win over an intra conference bubble opponent.

Friday, January 21st:
No Bubble Games.

Saturday, January 22nd:
Tennessee @ #8 UConn - 2PM CBS - The inconsistent Vols are looking for their third major win over a Big East opponent (Pitt, Nova). That would be hard to deny on Selection Sunday.
Marquette @ #16 Notre dame - 7PM ESPN3 - Marquette has two nice wins in Big East play, but they could use another.
Temple @ Xavier - 3PM ESPN2 - Temple was just routed at the hands of Duquense... they need to rebound.
#22 St. Mary's @ Vanderbilt - 2PM - Much like Cincinnati, the Gaels are ranked, but they could use a signature win other than St. John's.
Clemson @ Maryland - 230 PM - ACC bubble battle.
Oklahoma St @ Baylor - 4PM ESPN3 - Another opportunity for Baylor to gain traction in the Big 12.
#25 Cincinnati @ St. John's - 4PM ESPN3 - The ranked opponent streak continues for St. John's.
Boston College @ Florida State - 7PM ESPNU - Two of the more fortunate ACC bubble teams. Big win for both sides.
Memphis @ UAB - 7PM ESPN2 - UAB, like So. Miss, has a similar resume to Memphis.
Arkansas @ Florida - 8PM ESPN3 - Another chance for Arkansas to get back in the bubble picture.

Sunday, January 23rd:
Miami @ NC State - noon - NC State needs this win, Miami is in much better shape.

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