2011-2012 Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming season.

ST. FRANCIS (N.Y.) Newark, N.J.  W This is an easy win

VCU at Charleston, S.C.  W  This is going to be a very close game, but VCU has lost most of their team last year that made the Final Four, so I think Seton Hall has a good chance of winning.

Georgia Tech or Saint Joseph's at Charleston, S.C.   L I am predicting that they will be playing Georgia Tech, which would be a very tough game to win.

TBD at Charleston, S.C.W  With the loss in the second round, they would go into the losers bracket, which would mean a much earier opponent for the third round.

YALE Newark, N.J.  W This is another easy win

SAINT PETER'S Newark, N.J.   W. Again, an easy win.

AUBURN Newark, N.J.   W Auburn is not a good team in the SEC, so this is a good matchup for Seton Hall to be able to win.  Plus the game being home helps the Pirates.

NJIT Newark, N.J.   W Another easy win

WAKE FOREST Newark, N.J.  W Another game like Auburn, Wake Forest is a team rebuilding that will be in the bottom part of the ACC and this is definitely a winnable game for the Hall

MERCER W. Another easy win

Dayton at Dayton, Ohio  L Considering they lost to Dayton at home last year, I do not seeing the Pirates winning at Dayton.

Longwood at Farmville, Va.   W Another easy win

Syracuse * at Syracuse, N.Y.  L The Big East schedule starts off very tough for the Pirates, having to go away to face a very tough Syracuse team who will be looking for revenge from last year's loss.

WEST VIRGINIA * Newark, N.J.  L The first home Big East game is against another tough team

CONNECTICUT * Newark, N.J.  L Facing the defending National Champions will be very hard.

Providence * at Providence, R.I.   W Providence should be an easy win

DE PAUL * Newark, N.J.   W Another easy win

USF * at Tampa, Fla.   W USF should be decent this year, but Seton Hall should be able to win

Villanova * at Villanova, Pa.   L against Villanova at Villanova will be very hard

NOTRE DAME * Newark, N.J.   W This is the biggest win for the Pirates this year, Notre Dame will be a good team, but at home I think the Pirates can beat them.

LOUISVILLE * Newark, N.J.   L Facing another tough team

Marquette * at Milwaukee, Wis.   L Another very tough game

Connecticut * at Hartford, Conn.  L Same as home game

Rutgers * at Piscataway, N.J.   W Rutgers will be better this year, but will the intensity of the rivalry I think the Pirates can win this game

PITTSBURGH * Newark, N.J.   L Another very tough game

ST. JOHN'S * Newark, N.J.   W This will be an interesting game.  St John's will not be as good as originally thought but will still be a good team and will be gunning for the Pirates after what happened last year.  Despite all this I still think the Pirates can win

Cincinnati * at Cincinnati, Ohio  L Another tough game for the Pirates

GEORGETOWN * Newark, N.J.   L

RUTGERS * Newark, N.J.   W Again, the rivalry will propel the Pirates to victory

DePaul * W Another easy DePaul win

18-12 overall
8-10 conference

Playoffs: NIT

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