Seton Hall Basketball: A Look at Potential Targets from Canarias Basketball Academy

Seton Hall is currently involved with two more players from Rob Orellana's, Canarias Basketball Academy. It would be of no surprise if the Pirates brought in their 2012 PG from overseas.

Yesterday, we learned of Seton Hall's involvement with two current players from the Canarias Baskebtall Academy in Adam Zagoria's piece on the international pipeline Coach Willard has established. 

Going forward, Willard, who needs a point guard and a big for the 2012 recruiting class, says he won't hesitate to go right back to CBA for more players. Seton Hall is involved with two of those players now.

On October 9th, we reported that Kevin Willard was headed back to the CBA and noted it wouldn't be a surprise if the Pirates reeled in their 2012 PG from overseas.  Now, after several point-guard misses at home, a 2012 PG, or even a PF/C hailing from the CBA looks like a real possibility to land in South Orange.  In the hours before we kick off the 2011-12 campaign that features 3 CBA alums, we'll look at potential Seton Hall - CBA targets.  Keep in mind, these players may or may not be Pirate targets at the moment, but one, or more, of these players may be possibilities to fill a void or two in the near future. Playing hypothetical, if the Pirates do bring in a PG next year and he ends up beating out Freddie Wilson for the starting nod, the Pirates could feature a starting lineup consisting of 4 out of 5, CBA alums.  


Ernijs ANSONS 6'0, Combo Guard, Post-Grad (Unlikely to be targeted by Seton Hall, struggled in limited minutes at U20-Euro Championship). 
Tristan EISENHART 5'11, Post-Grad. (Swiss national team).  
Nathaniel SMITH 6'1, Full Term High School, 17yo. (Participated in the 2009 U16-Euro Championship for Ireland, averaged 6.4pts/2.1reb/1ast). 
Alfred SLADE 5'11, Full Term High School, 18yo. (Playing with U18 London United, Slade finished with 6pts/1st/1to in 25 minutes against the Brixton Topcats on November 5th).   
Christian TAYLOR 5'7 Full Term High School, 16yo.
Daniel IBAÑEZ 6'2, Post-Grad. 
Carlos MARRERO 6'1, Full Term High School, 17yo.


Liam Coxon, 7’1, C, Post-Grad, Initially named to UK's U18 team for Euro Championship, doesn't appear to have participated in the games.
Francis Dale, 6’10, PF/C, High School, 17yo. (Participated in the 2010 U16-Euro Championship for England). 
Nerijus ANGLICKIS, 7’0, C, Post-Grad, 21yo. (Originally committed to Rider University out of 2011 class, since has de-committed and enrolled in Post-Grad at CBA.  Due to his age, you'd have to expect he'd sign on with a professional club once leaving CBA.)
Malick CISSE, 6’11, C, High School, 19yo.
Viktor JURICEK, 6’10, C, High School, 18yo. (Averaged 6.3pts/4.6reb in 2011 U18-Euro Championship, playing for Slovak Republic). 
Boris BOJANOVSKY, 7’1, C, High School, 18yo. (Averaged 22pts/13reb in the 2011 U18-Euro Championship, playing for Slovak Republic). 
Khadeem LATTIN, 6'10, C, High School, 16yo.  (Lattin is ESPN's 21st ranked recruit in the 2014 class and the 4th ranked center, he enrolled at CBA last week). 

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