Is the Big East over-rated?

We have been hearing a lot (most notably from Charles Barkley) about how the Big East is over-rated due to their lack of Final Four teams. However, I find this to be utterly false. Here are my reasons on why I feel the Big East can't produce Final Four teams

1. The grind of the regular season and the conference play: I believe this is the biggest reason why the Big East fails to produce final four teams. No other conference in the country plays an 18 game schedule. No other conference in the country has only one or two teams each year that are considered "cupcakes". What I am going to do now is look at how many NCAA tournament teams each of the 11 teams in the conference that made the tournament played:
Pittsburgh: Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut, Marquette, Georgetown, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Villanova, St. Johns, West Virginia, Louisville, Villanova, and Conncecticut (15)
Notre Dame: Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana State, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Georgetown, Syracuse, Connecticut, St. Johns, Marquette, St. Johns, Cincinnati, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Louisville, West Virginia, Villanova, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville (20)
Syracuse: Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, St. Johns, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Marquette, Connecticut, Georgetown, Louisville, West Virginia, Villanova, Georgetown, St. Johns, Connecticut (16)
Connecticut: Michigan State, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Texas, Villanova, Tennessee, Marquette, Louisville, Syracuse, St. Johns, Georgetown, Louisville, Marquette, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville (21)
Louisville: Butler, UNLV, Kentucky, Villanova, Marquette, St. Johns, West Virginia, Connecticut, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Marquette, Notre Dame, Connecticut (18)
West Virginia: Oakland, Vanderbilt, St. Johns, Marquette, Georgetown, Purdue, Louisville, Cincinnati, Villanova, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Louisville, Marquette (16)
St. Johns: West Virginia, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Louisville, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Duke, UCLA, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Syracuse (16)
Cincinnati: Xavier, Villanova, Syracuse, Notre Dame, St. Johns, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, St. Johns, Louisville, Georgetown, Connecticut, Marquette, Georgetown, Notre Dame (14)
Georgetown: Old Dominion, Wofford, UNC Asheville, Missouri, Utah State, Temple, Memphis, Notre Dame, St. Johns, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, St. Johns, Villanova, Louisville, Syracuse, Marquette, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Connecticut (21)
Villanova: Bucknell, Boston University, UCLA, Tennessee, Temple, Cincinnati, Louisville, Connecticut, Syracuse, Georgetown, Marquette, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, St. Johns, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh (17)
Marquette: Bucknell, Duke, Gonzaga, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Louisville, Notre Dame, Connecticut, Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, St. Johns, Connecticut, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Louisville (19)
*these don't include NCAA tournament games
Now, can you tell me who else in any other major conference played at least 14 and up to 21 teams that were in the tournament? I can't think of any.
This is my main argument. My other argument would be the following:
2. Lack of elite talent in the Big East: The Big East has a lot of good players but not many great players. The only great player this conference had this year was Kemba Walker. In fact, since Carmelo Anthony there has only been one all star from the Big East which is Rudy Gay. The reason for this is that usually out of the top 10 in ESPN top 150 go to non Big-East teams. The fact is, it takes elite talent to win in March and the Big East does not have elite talent.

These two things lead me to believe the following:
1. The Big East is the best conference in the nation
2. The Big East won't be very successful in March

I still believe that the Big East is the best conference because of their incredible depth and the fact that every team is playing double digit tournament teams every year. They won't be successful in March for that very same reason though. They beat each other up throughout the season which causes them to wear out by the time the Dance begins. So Charles Barkley, go to hell 

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