Current Depth Chart for next year and our possible depth chart for next year

This is what our depth chart is for next year and I will also post what I think the final depth chart will be

Current Depth Chart:

PG: JT, Grennan, Wilson

SG: Cosby, Karlis

SF: Edwin, Auda

PF: Pope, Auda, Okoloji

C: Geramipoor, Hill

Despite some rumors, I think that Okoloji will stay and try to get playing time and I think Hill will be eligible for next year. Now, we still have 2 scholarships to give out. I think those scholarships will go to Ryan Rhoomes, PF and Guy Landry, SG. That makes our depth chart for next year:

PG: JT, Grennan, Wilson

SG: Cosby, Landry, Karlis

SF, Edwin, Auda

PF: Pope, Okoloji, Rhoomes

C: Geramipoor, Hill

I believe that either Grennan or Wilson will redshirt. I think it would be Grennan so he can spend a year adding strength and speed. I also think their is a possibility that Rhoomes or Karlis would red shirt as well. I think, since it looks like Willard likes shooters and Karlis is a shooter, he would end up redshirting Rhoomes. That would leave our depth chart as:

PG: JT, Wilson

SG: Cosby, Landry, Karlis

SF: Edwin Auda

PF: Pope, Okoloji, Auda

C: Geramipoor, Hill


I think this gives us a very deep and balanced team. Here is how I think the scoring would go:

1. Fuquan Edwin: 15.2ppg

2. Herb Pope: 13.9ppg

3. Jordan Theodore: 11.1ppg

4. Aaron Cosby: 9.8ppg

5. Patrik Auda: 6.5ppg

6. Guy Landry: 5.8ppg

7. Freddie Wilson: 5.1ppg

8. Anali Okoloji: 4.2ppg

9.  Isaiah Hill: 3.1ppg

10. Aaron Geramipoor: 2.0ppg

11. Harald Karlis: 1.6ppg

Total PPG: 78.3ppg

I don't think Karlis would play many minutes in this depth chart. He would probably only get like 5 to 6 minutes a game. What I like about an 11 man rotation is that we will be able to press a lot more since we will just rotate players in and out. This is what Mike Rice is going to do at Rutgers and I think Willard would probably do it as well. If this lineup can play the same defense as the 2010 group, then we can be a very successful team. I think the 4 main scorers will be a very dynamic group. Fuquan will get most of his points in the paint and mid range but will probably get a 3pt shot a game as well. Pope will get his points in the paint. I think Jordan's scoring will come from a mix of drives and 3pt shots and I think the same for Cosby.

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