Seton Hall Fans: Support Kyle Anderson Tonight!

@KyleAnderson5: Seton Hall showed me lots of love!! I loved being on campus, student body really did job & showed me a great time! (

In an effort to show 2012 stud prospect Kyle Anderson how much Seton Hall and her fans want him in Pirate Blue next winter, has been urging fans to attend Kyle & St. Anthony's Fall Ball League game tonight:

Remember, tomorrow SHU fans MUST come out in force to watch Anderson play with his St Antony's teammates. 

We are so close to getting a player who could turn the school's basketball fortunes around. Spending a couple of hours on a Wed night can help make a difference. That's not too much to ask.

The game is at 7PM. The cost of a ticket is $3.00. The details are below.

Willard and Holloway have put in an incredible amount of hours traveling the entire country recruiting Kyle. The least we can do is spend a few hours helping them.

Wear Blue and cheer for the player. But do not in any way voice that he come to SHU. That's a violation and it's not necessary. Anderson tweeted after his visit that the thing that most impressed him was the love shown him on campus. We can do that again by taking over the gym tomorrow.

The time for talk is over, we need action.

Although under different names, St. Anthony (Reebok's Back) is playing Gil St. Bernard's (Somerset County's Best) in a rematch of last winter's game in the Hoop Group Tip-Off. St. Anthony defeated Gil St. Bernard's 62-50 in Walsh Gymnasium. 

GSB's three headed monster of Alex Mitola (2012, Dartmouth), Dominic Hoffman (2012, Bucknell) and Jaren Sina (2013, Alabama) returns this year and will certainly challenge for a state title. 

St. Anthony will field plenty of Seton Hall targets including 2013's Josh Brown and Hallice Cooke and of course 2012 PF/PG Kyle Anderson. Additionally, Hudson Catholic is playing immediately after St. Anthony & GSB. As you might know, Seton Hall has been heavily recruiting the Jersey City school's trio of Mike Young, Reggie Cameron and Kavon Stewart.  

Beyond the assured high talent level that will be on display tonight, this is a chance for Seton Hall fans to follow up on the love they showed during Kyle's visit to South Orange last week. 

Come out and wear your blue and maybe, just maybe, Kyle Anderson will be doing the same next winter.

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