Ray Floriani's Tempo-Free Report, Seton Hall over UCONN

Editor's note: To my surprise, long time basketball journalist, Ray Floriani, stopped by the Juice to give us his take on the game and included his tempo-free report. Thanks Ray! I also linked to tempo free statistics below if you'd like to dive a little further into them. We often cite Kenpom ratings both here and on Twitter which are composed mostly of, you guessed it, tempo free statistics.

NEWARK, NJ - For a number of years the analysis of college and NBA basketball has been of great interest to myself. In my writings (College Chalktalk, Hoopville, Swish Appeal to name a few) very often tempo free statistics is the angle. Here, we will take a look at Seton Hall's 75-63 victory over UCONN at the Prudential Center.



Seton Hall 65

Offensive Efficiency:


Seton Hall 115

What does this mean? First, a possession ends on a made free throw or field goal, a miss that the defense rebounds or a turnover. Offensive rebounds (such as Herb Pope with six) extend the possession.

Offensive efficiency is also points per possession. UCONN was .94. The Hall 1.15. We simply multiply the points per possession by 100 to come up with a more 'user friendly' number. To digress, points per possession is points divided by total possessions.

What significance does these numbers bear? On defense you want to keep your opponent under 100 efficiency, or less than a point per possession. For the Hall, the defense did the job. Offensively you want to break 100 and the Pirates' 115 is in a category of superlative.

Turnover rate. Simply, turnovers divided by possessions. You want to be under 20% on offense and force your opponents to be 20 or over percentage wise on defense. The numbers:


Seton Hall 17%

A positive on both ends for the Hall. Huskies actually improved the second half. At the half their TO rate was 38%, thanks to 13 miscues. Second half they only committed one but still wound up over that 20% limit.

Other non-tempo free observations:

1. The Rock was electric and the fans with their support and decibel level, made this a very tough place for the visitors.

2. Really like Jordan Theodore's work at the point. He hustles and gets after it. Still feel though he is a bit more shoot first, pass second. Regardless, the 19 point 11 assist effort was outstanding.

3. Like this freshman Brandon Mobley. The 6-9 forward, I believe, will continue to grow and get better. His eight points seven boards were attention getters.

4. Can't believe the usually mild mannered George Blaney got a T. The UCONN mentor, however, was desrving.

5. Herb Pope, 15 points, 8 rebounds, performances fans are virtually taking for granted.

6. Win snapped an 11 game skid against the Huskies. More importantly, fans checking scorers over their morning coffee had to take notice on this one.

7. Ran into Seton Hall senior cheerleading friends (they were in a past article of mine) Reyna and Christine who assured me I made a smart move passing on covering Louisville-St.John's to head to the Rock. Ladies you are 100% correct.

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