Seton Hall Basketball: Kentucky Transfer, G Stacey Poole Will Transfer to FIU, GT, Seton Hall or DePaul

Stacey Poole looks good in the blue-and-white. It's possible he'll continue rocking it the next three seasons, but it won't be with the Wildcats. Could he find a new home in South Orange?

Update 01/06: Stacey Poole will transfer to Georgia Tech, reports Jerry Meyer of

The week began with Seton Hall making easy work of Connecticut and tonight, it continued to get better. Jon Rothstein was first to report that Kentucky Sophomore transfer, Stacey Poole, will visit FIU this weekend and decide between them, Georgia Tech or Seton Hall. Adam Zagoria then got Poole on the horn who apparently added DePaul to his list of potential landing spots. It doesn't sound like Poole plans to take any additional visits to Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, or DePaul, which, despite what the player says, doesn't give me good vibes.

The 6'5 wing out of the Providence School in Jacksonville was a Top-50 recruit out of the 2010 class. ESPN had him rated a, '94,' 51st overall, and the 16th shooting guard in the class. Rivals on the other hand graded him 33rd overall and 4th overall, at the small forward position opposed to ESPN's designation.

As a frosh at Kentucky, Poole scarcely played and when he did would only see the floor in garbage time, which likely led to his ultimate decision to transfer. Or, it may have also had something to do with his father, Stacey Poole, Sr, which you can read on our partner site, A Sea of Blue. Regardless whose call it was, playing time last season and projected PT this season, likely played a part.

Before he signed with Kentucky, Stacey Poole was considering South Carolina and Clemson, though neither school appears to be in play, at this moment. Though Poole only gave Rothstein and Zagoria the names of four schools, of course, it's possible more come into play between now and the end of the Fall semester.

Since Poole never suited up for the Wildcats this season, this season will count as his redshirt year. Following the end of the semester, he should have three years of eligibility remaining at the destination of his choice. However, Poole told Zagoria that he may have to sit a couple games next season, but should be ready for the Fall of 2012 and might decide, "at least by next week." If he doesn't suit up until next fall, he'd only have two and a half years of eligibility, opposed to the three.

On Seton Hall:

"DePaul and Seton Hall, I already got a feel for that," he said. "It's a matter of time that I'm going to have to pick a school. With the time schedule I have right now, I probably won't go to visit."

He added: "I really don't need a visit. The only thing I need is a place where the coach is going to believe in my talents and go from there. A visit isn't going to do me any good."

It goes without saying that Poole would be a tremendous get for Kevin Willard and the Pirates. I don't want to hear about our current wing depth, Poole would unquestionably be the biggest get of the Kevin Willard era, transfer or not, and could very well knock down the proverbial wall that has prevented the nation's biggest recruits from landing in South Orange.

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