Next up, Providence: Tempo Free Pre-Game

Seton Hall takes to the road for a meeting with Providence on Saturday. Do not look into or be misled by the Friars' 0-3 ledger. This one will be a good road test for the Pirates.

First we will look at the teams' efficiency and pace numbers for the inital three conference games:


Off. Efficiency

Def. Efficiency

Seton Hall








The two teams average out at the same pace. Seton Hall's offense is at a desirable, point per possession, number. The defense is a positive. Providence mirrors the Hall in pace but offensively and defensively (especially) is considerably below average.

In the very important turnover rate, Hall commits them at a 24% rate. The opposition checks in at 19.9%. Stated, Seton Hall loses too many possessions to turnovers and does not force opponents, with the exception of UCONN, into those same errors.

Providence also has an offense with a 24% TO rate but their opponents are at 12.5%. Friars are not disrupting the opposition into mistakes and allowing them to maximize possessions. Providence is also very generous allowing a 54.9% for effective field goal shooting. Effective FG calculation takes in and specifically accounts for three pointers made.

eFG = FGM/ FGA + (.5 * 3 pt FGM)

The Hall is strong in that category allowing a 42.7% eFG mark.

Final Thoughts:

* Providence, as noted, is winless in Big East play. The new mentor Ed Cooley is a fiery competitor certain to have the Friars playing hard. Providence gave Syracuse a good game earlier this week yet Cooley wanted no talk of 'nice efforts' or moral victories. He is out to win.

* The battle of turnovers will be crucial. Can Seton Hall and/or PC limit their mistakes? That will go a long way to determining the outcome.

* The mindset. Seton Hall is on the road. To be successful in this conference you need road wins. Hall is riding a nice momentum and has a chance for one here. Providence must put that 0-3 start behind them. Build on the competitiveness shown in that Syracuse contest.

* Last note. Ed Cooley is not a tempo-free advocate. When he was at Fairfield last year he told me, "the only numbers I study are the ones on the scoreboard when the clock shows all zeroes."

Can't argue with the results as Cooley had an impressive run at Fairfield and Providence is 11-5 overall.

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