Wednesday Morning Glass of Juice: College Basketball News and Links June 12th, 2013

'Rome is a little confused right now. - USA TODAY Sports

Happy Hump Day, Juicers. Yesterday brought another twist to the Kevin Johnson saga as Kevin Willard intended on blocking his transfer to Cal State-Northridge. The University then released a statement last night that Johnson will be released from the program. Will Seton Hall be able to make it through the rest of the week without more negative news?

The news:

Chris Pompey is now the associate HC under Reggie Theus at Cal State - Northridge - Adam Zagoria

Looks like Kevin Johnson's transfer has provoked the link between Pompey and Northridge to become a little bit more than just a rumor.

Rutgers, Seton Hall ace APR for 2011-12 - Hoops Haven

Even though Seton Hall isn't earning annual NCAA bids, Kevin Willard is producing results in the classroom. Jerry Carino lays out the latest APR scores from 2011-12. Seton Hall has a multi-year score of 963 and a single-year score (2011-12) of 1000, which is perfect. Five other schools in the Big East also scored 1000.

Jerome Seagears, former Rutgers guard, changes mind about transfer to Auburn - AP

Seagears transferred to Auburn amid the Mike Rice scandal that cost him his job. Without ever suiting up for the Tigers, Seagears has left the program. Rutgers has not been ruled out as a possible destination once again.

2013 adidas Eurocamp: Day Three - DraftExpress

DraftExpress had a less-than-stellar evaluation of former Seton Hall commit Aquille Carr at the bottom of the above link. In response, the Baltimore Sun ran a story that cited this evaluation. Carr responded on Twitter with his own "evaluation" (NSFW) of the Sun's piece. Here is a screen-cap just in case Carr deletes his tweet.

Memphis to host first American Athletic Conference Tournament - Sporting News

The title says it all. In case you don't know what the AAC is, its the name for what's left of the 'old' Big East. Memphis will also compete in the AAC during the 2013-14 season, so they have a chance to win the 'chip on their home court.

APR figures continue to show one clear loser: cash-poor schools -

Interesting article by SI's Andy Glockner.

Why the Letter of Intent is awful: Richard Amardi loses scholarship to Iowa State - NBC Sports

Boo the NLI rule... Boo!

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