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Around the Hall: Monday, October 26

In a post to Bleacher Report, Jameson Fleming, tags Seton Hall head coach Bobby Gonzalez as one of eight high profile NCAA coaches relying on newcomers to get himself "off the hot seat," despite the University’s endorsement of Gonzo with a recent three year extension.

The criticism is fair as Gonzalez has failed to reach the postseason in three years at the Hall, however the significant improvement in recruiting, absent during the Louie Orr era, has given the school all the confidence they need that he’s right for the job. To be fair, Fleming also notes why Bobby is "safe," citing:

Seton Hall offered him an extension through 2014-2015 which Gonzalez intelligently signed.

SNY's Howard Megdal weighs in with his notes from the Big East media day. Megdal spoke with Georgetown's John Thompson III, his early pick for coach of the year in Marquette's Buzz Williams, St. John's Norm Roberts, Keno Davis of Providence, Connecticut's Jim Calhoun and who else, but Seton Hall's prized transfer, Herb Pope.

"I worked all summer on making sure I had less turnovers, and better conditioning to not only get up and down the floor, but recognize opportunities to get the ball to Jeremy," Pope said.

Pope comes in hoping to be a key part of the Seton Hall offense, which looks to steal easy baskets in transition, often to a fault last season.

"No risky passes, no risky plays," Pope vowed.

I found it interesting, Megdal talked with five coaches from the Big East, yet he quoted only one player from the conference in Herb Pope. Now, I don't know what player availability was like to the media, but all things equal, quoting just one player in a piece about the entire conference speaks volumes about this kid's hype. It's real.