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Around the Hall: Something Special, Haters Are Going to Hate, Legal Extortion

Pirates center, John Garcia is impressed with the new faces around the team. John Rowe of delves into possible chemistry issues with this season's team.

How will the returning players adjust to possibly playing less? How will Jeremy Hazell, who averaged 22.7 points last season, adjust to not getting as many shots? How will team chemistry develop on a team with a demonstrative coach and equally high-spirited players?

"Demonstrative coach" might be a little harsh on Bobby Gonzalez. Yes, he's fiery, he'll earn his opponents a fair share of technical free throws and he's nearly come to blows with opposing head coaches. That being said, how can team chemistry be questioned in regards to Gonzalez's actions? Much like a baseball manager who argues for his players and receives the occasional ejection, Gonzo's players should rally around their leader and show the same passion on the court as he does on the sidelines.

Also in the same article, Herb Pope, provides what may be the best quote of the offseason:
"People are going to talk, writers are going to write, and, as we like to say, haters are going to hate," said Pope. "We know what we have."

Dana O'Neil of ESPN, writes about "legalized extortion" in NCAA recruiting:

It wasn't so much a demand as a suggestion: If Seth Greenberg was interested in getting a certain high school prospect to his campus for a camp, maybe he could find a paying gig for the prospect's summer-league coach. The coach could be a camp counselor, speaker, whatever would work.

Except Greenberg, the Virginia Tech head coach, has a long-standing practice of not hiring outsiders for his camps. So there were no jobs available for the coach.

O'Neil looks at a packet of legislation that the NCAA Division I board of directors will consider on Thursday. Bobby Gonzalez is quoted in the article:

"I'm no angel and I'm no altar boy," said Seton Hall's Bobby Gonzalez. "But in 10 years as a head coach, I can tell you I've never had to hire a guy to get a kid. Maybe it's because I've been at schools like Manhattan and Seton Hall, where we didn't have the resources even if we wanted to, but I'd like to think that I'd never be that desperate.