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Barrett Will Not Become a Witness

…Or a Cleveland Cavalier this year. The Cavs have cut Andre Barrett, the former Seton Hall standout who led the pirates into the second round of the NCAA Tournament (03-04) as they finalized their roster for opening night.

By cutting Barrett, the Cavs have made way for Coby Karl, son of George Karl, to fill their last remaining roster spot. Barrett, averaged 5.8 points and 4.3 assists in four pre-season games with Cleveland.

This is unfortunate news, as Barrett was a fan favorite among the Pirate community during his years at Seton Hall. The Pirate PG led his squad to a memorable 21-10 (10-6) season which included a thrilling overtime upset in East Rutherford over 4th ranked Pitt. It would have been nice to watch him attempt to revitalize his career behind the likes of King James and Shaq. Instead, Andre will most likely return to the life of overseas basketball operations, where he played for FC Barcelona last year. Best of luck, ‘Dre.