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Excitement Builds Around... The Law Firm?

The team uniforms were handed out yesterday, causing an excitement that prevented Herb Pope from catching sleep Monday night. Jerry Carino describes the excitement building around the three "impact transfers" here.

The names Pope, Lawrence and Robinson have commonly appeared together in various articles referencing Seton Hall hoops this offseason. Instead of referring to them continuously as "impact transfers," I might need to create a nickname for the group.

Pope, Lawrence, Robinson... Pope, Lawrence, Robinson... I actually googled, "Pope,Lawrence,Robinson" looking for some assistance. The first result returned a novel on Pope Joan, the story of history's only female Pope, written by Lawrence Durrell. You might be saying, close, but what about Robinson? Turns out, the author Lawrence Durrell, died in 1990 and his work is studied in a novel published last year by Jeremy Mark Robinson.

Seeing as nothing productive came from that exercise, we could take the cliche route and group Pope, Lawrence and Robinson as ... "the law firm." Then the question is raised, what if JUCO transfer Jamel Jackson becomes more productive then one of the three, do we add a fourth partner to the firm?

Better yet, we should not group them together at all. Instead, I would like to see each transfer, create their own unique "impact" on this squad. Then I could put this ridiculous debate to rest.