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Kyrie Irving Commits...

The decision is in. The #2 (ESPN) ranked PG in the 2010 recruiting class has committed to Duke University.

Kyrie, a native of West Orange, NJ considered: Duke, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Georgia Tech and Seton Hall (courtesy consideration?) Multiple reports surfaced on Wednesday that Irving had committed to Duke, however he responded via his social media platform of choice, Twitter:

I don't know what's going on with all these supposed sources but I have not commited to duke [...]I will be deciding between Texas a and m duke and Kentucky.. I have not commited to duke..I will be announcing on espn u

Not surprisingly, absent from his statement were GT and Seton Hall. When it looked final that he had scratched the Hall from his list of schools, he again posted to Twitter:

Announcement tmrw on espnu...let's get this stuff over with...alot of you may be surprised and I expect to lose alot of followers it's cool though lol

The following tweet left me with a feeling of foolish optimism. Why will people be surprised? Certainly, everyone thinks he is going to Duke, there's a surprise? Is it possible he'll come home and play for the hall?

Foolish optimism it was, Irving chose Duke University at 5:45PM live on ESPNU. Congratulations Duke Blue Devils.

...And to add salt to the wound, a Kyrie Irving & Kanye West video montage ensues: