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Tickets for Tonight, High Expectations (again), Vegas Odds

Tickets are still available for tonight's exhibition against Carleton University. The game is at 7pm at the Walsh Gymnasium on campus. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $5. These games offer a chance to check out the team before the season begins and you're guaranteed to have a good seat as well, as the gym will only pack a few hundred people. weighs in with another "high expectations" article, along the lines of what we've been reading for the past two weeks. It even rehashes many of the same quotes that were used and published last week, namely this one:

"There's a new kid on the block this year and his name is Seton Hall," Gonzalez said this week at the team's media day.

If you google, "Seton Hall Basketball," you will return numerous articles referencing "Seton Hall Wants to Surprise Experts," or "High Expectations." While this is definitely building hype around the program and certainly encouraging, the team still needs to show up and play the game.

I've been reading various members of the media such as Dick Vitale, (SHU alumni, so read with caution) Fran Fraschilla (you'll need to be an ESPN insider to read that) or, that are projecting NCAA tournament berths.

While I agree with these analysts that the Hall should find themselves in good position come March, it will certainly not come easy in the toughest conference in the NCAA. It's important that the team fends off any, "media love" that may come their way, while bringing their underdog mentality that they've become accustomed to under Gonzo.

Incase you're wondering, the Vegas Odds on Seton Hall to win the regular season Big East title is 40-1, which VegasSportsOdds mentions as "a team to watch" for those looking for value bets.