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Around the Hall: Fantasy Hall Options, Intriguing Teams, More Hazell, Devon Collier

If you feel like playing fantasy college basketball this season, the following articles will give you a heads up if you're thinking about drafting a couple players from the Hall.  Of course, you can't play at ESPN, however there are other free sties out there if you're interested in playing.

Bleacher Report suggests taking a look at Jeremy Hazell, who should produce in the PPG, 3PM, REB, STL categories.  However, in giving credit to Hazell, they take a nice shot at the Pirates:
Seton Hall's irrelevance to the college basketball world is the only viable excuse for you to not know Hazell.
Irrelevance? ouch.

Seton Hall is one of three "intriguing teams" profiled by College Fantasy Hoops Insider.  The author, Perry Misner, breaks down the rosters of three teams who will not begin the season in the top 25.  According to Misner, the Pirates roster is, "overstuffed with contributors."

One of the biggest questions I have heading into the season is how the Seton Hall offense and rotation is going to work itself out. In fact, I've even reached out to several sources close to and within the program, and I still don't have a clear picture on what is going to happen ranks the top 25 players in the Big East, Seton Hall checks in with an entry at #8.

Jeremy Hazell, 6-5, Jr., Seton Hall: He’s got NBA range on his jumper and he’s accurate, too, for a guy who puts up as many threes as he does.

#8 is respectable for Jeremy as he finished last season as the #2 leading scorer in the conference despite taking too many shots.  His shot selection should improve this year with the infusion of new talent, but the Pirates will still count on Hazell to take the big shot until someone else on the roster proves they can be trusted.

Devon Collier, a 6'9 forward from St. Anthony's High in New Jersey choose to play for the President's brother-in-law and Oregon State, over Seton Hall, St. John's and Providence.  Collier, Scout's 16th ranked PF in the 2010 class, reminds me a lot of Herb Pope.  It's a shame that Bobby couldn't secure Collier to stay local, adding him to a tremendously deep frontcourt next year.  Of course, the sudden overcrowding on the Pirates roster may be the reason why Collier ultimately chose Oregon State.  Best of luck, Devon.