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Around the Hall: Gonzo: "I'm Probably Nuts For Playing This Game"

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The Ithaca Journal catches up with upstate New York native, Bobby Gonzalez, who graduated form Binghamton North High School in 1981. Gonzalez is well aware of the challenge and disadvantage that face the Pirates on Friday.

"It's probably the worst scheduled game in the history of college basketball," semi-joked Gonzalez during a phone interview Wednesday. He later added: "I'm probably nuts for playing the game, but hey, we're going to do it."

"It's kind of a no-win situation for us because if we go up there and win, we did what we're supposed to do," he added. "If we go up there and lose, everyone says it's a bad loss, which in essence, that's not true."

To read more on how dangerous Cornell actually is, check out our preview of Friday's game here.

Gonzalez is correct in his notion that this is an awful game for Seton Hall to play. The "worse scheduled game in college basketball history" may be a stretch, but Gonzo has a valid point. For the Pirates to go on the road for Cornell's home opener really puts them in the aforementioned no-win situation.

If the Pirates win, well, they were "supposed" to and they won't get any love from the AP when they sit down to decide next week's top 25. Likewise, a victory would be considered with the NCAA selection committee, however, a road victory at Cornell isn't exactly enough to push a bubble team into the dance. However, if the same team were to lose at Cornell, it may be enough to keep them out.