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Around the Hall: Halfheartedly, Reloaded, Worst Fans, Bobby's a Screamer

Add BetUs as another website (albeit a gambling company) halfheartedly picking the Pirates to "possibly" make the NCAA tournament:
If there are nine tournament sports coming out of this conference, the Pirates could get one of them.

The Washington Post breaks down the Big East Conference, looking at teams who have reloaded their rosters. It's a perfect article to look at the new faces among the Pirates roster, however the author only cites Seton Hall with:
Among the teams whose fortunes are expected to rise: Cincinnati, Georgetown and Seton Hall -- all mired in the bottom half of the conference standings last year.

Fanhouse polled 37 players representing the 16 teams in the Big East Conference asking them a variety of questions: Opposing coach you would like to play for, best and worst fans, best player, best defender, best and worst arenas, and which coach screams the most?

Seton Hall was represented in two categories:
Which school has the worst fans?
1. USF 24.3 percent (9 votes)
2. St. John's 18.9 percent (7 votes)
3. West Virginia 13.5 percent (5 votes)
Others receiving votes: DePaul (4 votes); Georgetown (3 votes); Seton Hall (3 votes); Syracuse (2 votes); Cincinnati (1 vote); Pittsburgh (1 vote); Providence (1 vote); Rutgers (1 vote).

And of course:

Which opposing coach screams the most during a game?
1. Bobby Gonzalez, Seton Hall 24.3 percent (9 votes)
2. Jim Calhoun, UConn 21.6 percent (8 votes)
3. Bob Huggins, West Virginia 16.2 percent (6 votes)
(tie) Rick Pitino, Louisville 16.2 percent (6 votes)
Others receiving votes: Mick Cronin, Cincinnati (5 votes); Fred Hill, Rutgers (2 votes); Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh (1 vote).

The "worst fans" category is debatable. I imagine these players are basing their opinion on the least number of fans in attendance and therefore, the quietest road games. The Hall clearly has a disadvantage when paired with heavyweight state programs as the private university has merely a fraction of students in comparison.

However, the "screaming" category didn't surprise me and frankly, I was surprised Calhoun received nearly as many votes as Gonzo. To me, it seems like Calhoun is screaming at his own players the majority of the time, while Bobby is screaming at... well, everyone.