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Around the Hall: More Lawrence, Dancing at #10, Stay Out of Trouble, All-Sully's

All the news today out of South Orange is focusing on the unfortunate circumstance of Keon Lawrence's DWI. Bobby Gonzalez released a statement today which you can read here and read my initial thoughts on the incident here.

As of now, Keon Lawrence remains suspended "indefinitely." Whether this means expelled from the University, suspended for the season or out of non-conference play remains to be seen. I will reserve further comment until all the facts are released, however, this situation is very disappointing for Lawrence, his teammates and the Pirates community.

A couple notes on the team which were obviously written before Monday morning's incident:

SNY projects Seton Hall to make the big dance as a 10 seed:

Seton Hall (11-7; 82.9): Every year, Seton Hall exceeds its preseason projection, and this year should be no different. Bobby Gonzalez's Pirates are picked 10th in the league despite losing only one key player -- Paul Gause -- and adding three impact transfers, notably Herb Pope and Keon Lawrence. It's as if his fellow coaches are begging Gonzo to overachieve. NCAA No. 10 seed.

Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports will be looking at 65 things come this college basketball season, including the Pirates at #19. Jeff's passage on the Pirates is obviously bittersweet and was actually first published before the news on Keon broke:

19. Bobby Gonzalez has his most talented team since taking over at Seton Hall, but the key will be whether guys like Herb Pope and Keon Lawrence, who both sat out last season after transferring into the program, buy into the team concept and stay out of trouble.

Buy into the team concept? By all reports, check. Stay out of trouble? Damn.

Joe Sullivan, a sportswriter for the Boston Globe is giving out his pre-season "All Sully" awards. An All-Sully is defined as:

Good team play, great passing, a commitment to defense, some personality, someone who breaks the mold in someway, overachievers and underdogs.

In choosing players from all over the country, the Pirates were absent from first-team, second-team or "just missed" selections. However, Sullivan mentions that Herb Pope should be an All-Sully by the end of the season.

I'm going to wait on this but I'd be really surprised if Seton Hall's Herb Pope isn't All-Sully but the end of the season. He's a great story, overcoming a lot of problems in his hometown of Aliquippa, Pa., to make it to college. That's part of being All-Sully too.