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Around the Hall: SPC Expectations, Eugene Harvey, Might/Might Not, Feeling Sad looks at the expectations for St. Peter's College, Friday's opponent for the Pirates:

It is a much-anticipated opener for the fans of each school as both the Peacocks and Pirates are expected to be significantly improved from the most recent past. Unfortunately for SPC, that may be where the similarity ends.
 New Jersey News Room with a must read feature on Eugene Harvey:

"I just wanna win. I just wanna win more than anything," Harvey said. "At the end of the day, like Coach said, nobody gets seen if you don't win. In order for guys to get seen to go to the next level or to do something in basketball you have to win now."

The media projecting the Pirates to "possibly" make the NCAA Tournament has been a common theme in the off-season.  The Bergen Record is ready to start the season continuing that trend, listing how the Hall "might or might not earn an NCAA Tournament bid."  Of course, Mr. Pope is involved in the "might" category:

2. Herb Pope is as good as advertised

The Pirates have lacked an inside force in recent seasons, but the 6-foot-8 transfer who averaged 11.1 points and 6.8 rebounds at New Mexico State two seasons ago is supposed to solve that. "He’s the guy we haven’t had since I’ve been at Seton Hall," Gonzalez said. "He’s a major key." The Hall needs him to be as good as expected so defenses can’t focus solely on defending the Pirates’ outside shooters.

Team chemistry is brought up in the "might not" list:

1. There’s too many "I’s" in team

Finding enough playing time and minutes for everybody will be Gonzalez’s mission. "We don’t have everything, but it’s the most we’ve had," said the Pirates’ coach. That means as many as nine players in his rotation, especially when Jeff Robinson, a 6-5 transfer from Memphis, becomes eligible at the end of the first semester. Gonzalez has to find the best combination, especially in the backcourt, and he must soothe some egos.
Steve Walentik, of the Columbia Daily Tribune weighs in with his thoughts, feeling sad about Keon Lawrence:

Lawrence always struck me as a kind-hearted kid during his two seasons with the Tigers, and as I detailed at length in this 2007 story, he'd overcome an awful lot to get where he was. He seemed to genuinely appreciate all the opportunities he had in Columbia, particularly during his freshman season.