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Around the Hall: Upper-Echelon, [Herb Pope] is like a Dennis Rodman, Let's go Big Red!

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In Brendan Prunty's Shootaround Tuesday Edition, he notes Seton Hall's victory at Cornell was a marquee win and includes Coach Donahue's thoughts on that notion:
"I appreciate that," Donahue told The Shootaround. "I think it's a testament to what these guys have built here. I said to (Cornell), 'They're happy as heck that they won this basketball game.' Somehow an upper-echelon team in the Big East is happy that they beat Cornell. I think it speaks volumes about what these guys have put together at Cornell."
Coach Donahue is certainly correct that the Pirates were thrilled to pull off the victory over a veteran, sharp-shooting, albeit, Ivy League team on their home court.  Just as Seton Hall's reaction to the win speaks volumes for the program that Cornell has built, you'd have to think the same is true regarding Donahue's statement, calling the Hall, "an upper-echelon team in the big east."  Yes, you read that correctly, an upper-echelon team in the Big East, the same conference where it's very coaches projected the Pirates to finish 10th.

The New Jersey News Room checks out Herb Pope's first three games as a Pirate, concluding that he's playing like the NBA is in his future:
"We had 19 offensive rebounds and Herb had eight of them. That right there you can't put a value on," said Gonzalez. "That's like a Dennis Rodman, certain guys can do that. That's a gift, getting you second and third shots. It's like getting an extra possession, it's a big deal. We have not had that in the last three years."
Lastly, everyone keep an eye on Cornell who will play at the Carrier Dome tonight at 7pm.  Let's go Big Red!