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Happy Thanksgiving, Looking Forward to LIU

First, Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Seton Hall community. 

Tomorrow, we will begin looking at Saturday's upcoming contest with the Long Island Blackbirds (2-2).  The Blackbirds have yet to win on the road, losing at both Army and St. Johns, while they've defeated Navy and SPC at home.  Tuesday night LIU defeated St. Peter's 77-71, 4 points better than the Miracle the Pirates pulled off against SPC. 

If Seton Hall is serious about finishing the out-of conference 10-0, they must remain dedicated to bringing the same intensity into every game, especially with opponents: LIU, NJIT and Hartford coming up.  Don't forget, it was just last year that the Pirates defeated USC and VT  to build an early 8-1 record, before complacency set in.  Just before Big East play was set to begin, the Hall dropped consecutive games, one at home to IUPUI and two nights later on the road at James Madison, two games that a focused and well prepared Pirates team should have won.