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Keon Lawrence Charged With DWI in Wrong Way Crash

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Update 11/11/09 5:05PM Just days ago, I referred to the Seton Hall backcourt as being "overcrowded with talent." Suddenly, there may be a new vacancy. Seton Hall combo guard Keon Lawrence has been charged with a DWI after driving the wrong way on the southbound side of the Garden State Parkway early Monday morning, striking another motorist. According to, a blood test was conducted at the scene of the crash at the hospital and found Lawrence to be in excess of the .08 legal BAC limit. and the State Police are awaiting the results. To make matters worse, Lawrence was also driving with a suspended license and two outstanding parking warrants. It is worth noting, there are conflicting reports between the University and Lawrence regarding the accident:

"We are still gathering information and will reserve further comment until all of the facts have been collected and thoroughly evaluated," said Seton Hall spokesman Matt Sweeney.

A source close to the school’s basketball program said Lawrence has been suspended from the team indefinitely, just four days before the season opener Friday against St. Peter’s at Prudential Center.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is denying both the suspension and being charged with a DUI:

"They didn’t tell me that, and they didn’t tell my mother that, either," he said. "I was in an accident. That’s about it."

Lawrence also denied that he had been suspended from Seton Hall’s basketball program.

WOW Really? Four days before the opener? What was widely considered as Bobby Gonzalez's most talented team in his tenure receives a massive blow. What a punch to the gut. Lawrence, who was profiled by GonzoBall here, was expected to see quality minutes at both guard positions, potentially starting and even taking time from the impressive sophomore, Jordan Theodore. It remains to be seen how long Lawrence will be suspended, but what a disappointing start to the season for the University, the team and the fans.