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POST GAME: Bobby Gonzalez Press Conference

Bobby Gonzalez took the podium with his tie looking loosened and weathered, it's been through quite the storm tonight.  I'm sure he's got an extra gray or two after coaching that one as well. 

(On Keon Lawrence) Once we get all the facts, we'll come back out and talk about it.  We're going to keep him around the team, he won't practice or play, but he'll be around the team. 

(On Eugene Harvey coming off the bench) He was coming off of the thigh bruise and Jordan was playing so well, we thought he could give us a quick start.  I don't need to make my players happy, they need to make me happy, they need to please me.  I thought Jordan would give us a quick start, although he's a sophomore, nobody is safe, we're going to start different people, move people in and out, we'll see what happens. 

(On Hazell's shot selection) He got a little frustrated, a little tight, he was missing free throws, his worst career game, I don't know if he's had a game where he hasn't scored a field goal. 

(On SPC opponent) Well we were favored, we were supposed to win by double figures, that didn't happen, they played us tough, we played to win at the end, our conditioning was good, we played hard until it was over, we wore them down a little bit.  I think a lot of good things could come out of this game, you feel better when you win this game instead of losing it. 

(On being out-rebounded) Herb Pope and John are good rebounders, I didn't expect (SPC) to get 17 offensive rebounds on us, that surprised me.  There were long rebounds we didn't retrieve, 50/50 balls, 2nd and 3rd tip balls, timing, rhythm and flow.

(Thought process of having Keon on the bench) There was never any thought on my part about keeping him away from our team, he's part of our family, I love the kid, I'm disgusted with the judgment he's made, it's a team violation being out past midnight on a Sunday night, outside of the incident itself.  He's a student at Seton Hall, he's part of our program, still on scholarship. 

A reporter then questioned the message it sends to have Keon Lawrence sitting on the bench.  I couldn't make out exactly what came next, but the reporter asked Bobby a ridiculous question regarding Keon's shirt.  It sounded to me like the reporter thought Keon's shirt sent a bad message.  To me, it sounded like the reporter asked "especially with Keon wearing a white shirt." Maybe he said untucked, maybe he said baggy, but who really cares what Keon was wearing.  Again, I didn't see the shirt and have absolutely no idea what the reporter was talking about.  In my opinion he was probably trying to get a little rise out of Gonzo, but Coach didn't take the bait, instead he replied with, "nobody is downplaying the seriousness of the incident." 

Bobby finished his presser with discussing the play on the part of both team's as time was expiring.

"There were four game winning shots at the end of the game, if you ask me.  Four game winning shots (2 from SPC) in the last 1:40 of the game, kids were out there trying to win it and that's great. "