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Saint Peter's College Peacocks @ Seton Hall Pirates 7PM Liveblog

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9:02PM: Hazell will in bound the ball at the baseline.  HARVEY TAKES A RIDICULOUS SHOT FROM BEHIND THE PERIMETER AND ITS GOOD! SETON HALL WINS 53-51. WOW! This was a running 3Pt attempt from 25 feet away, the SPC defender jumped, mid-air Harvey double-clutches and the prayer goes in! I'm in shock!

8:59PM: SPC alley-oop goes in, SPC leads by 1, Mitchell answers, 10 seconds to go, SHU up by a point.  SPC ball, Wesley Jenkins bumped Theodore, Theodore falls, Jenkins hits a fade away shot, SPC leads 51-50, 3.6 seconds to go.  Seton Hall will need to go the full distance of the court in an attempt to win.

8:58PM: SPC uses their final timeout, 28.1 seconds remain, 15 on the shotclock.  Seton Hall leads 48-47.

8:56PM: Hazell tries to post-up, puts up a shot, fouled.   Hazell missed shot another free throw, makes the second, SHU trails by 1, 1:29 to go. SPC misses, SHU rebounds, Harvey misses, Mitchell rebounds, tip in, Hall up by 1, 45 seconds to play.

8:55PM: Leon draws a pushing foul on Herb Pope at the perimeter, ticky-tacky foul.  Leon's going to the line, makes both.  SPC up 2, 47-45, 1:58 to go.

8:53PM: SPC spot inbounds and they throw turn it over passing it to another player out of bounds.  Garcia wildly spins in the lane and misses a layup.  Ryan Bacon and Herb Pope have both been warned to stop shoving each other, no fouls called, this is odd.

8:51PM: Who would have thought this opener would come down the the wire? Well, probably no one, but who cares, it is.  SPC misses both. Pope under the basket, misses, gets his own rebound, stripped away and SPC losses it out of bounds. SHU ball, Mitchell takes an 18 footer, the ball rolls around and lays motionless on the flange.  This will be a jump ball, that's the way it goes.

8:49PM: Same lineup on the floor for the Pirates.  Foul on Hazell, that's his fourth, 2:46 to go, 45-45, another official timeout, SPC will be shooting after the break. 

8:47PM: The student section seems unfazed right now, either the alcohol is taking over, they aren't concerned, or they don't care.  Hopefully, it's the alcohol.  

8:46PM: Harvey finishes a layup taking it coast to coast, tie game again. Timeout SPC, full timeout, 3:07 to play.  St. Peter's will have 1 time out remaining, game tied at 45.

8:46PM: Garcia with a big block, Theodore's runner no good, Garcia's tip in no good.  3:50 to play, Peacock ball. 

8:45PM: Theodore, Harvey, Hazell, Mitchell, Garcia on the floor. Harvey another step back three, another miss, rebound SPC.

8:42PM:   Hazell launches another three, missed, 0-for-10 from the floor, he shows no sign of slowing down his shot attempts.  SPC makes a 5 footer on the other end, tied at 43.  Theodore misses a three, SPC rebounds, outlet pass, another lay-in.  The Peacocks lead 45-43, with 4:54 to go, timeout SHU.

8:40PM: Hazell misses another three, rebound Garcia, back to Hazell, drives to the lane and fouled, SPC also got away with a goal tend off of the glass, not called.  Hazell to shoot two.  Hazell misses the first, makes the second, the 2nd leading scorer of the BE Conference last year is finally on the board, SPC answers with a tip in on the other end.  Pirates lead by 2, Pope is on the ground, slow to get up. Pope has a cramp and Hazell is playing the role of trainer stretching his cramp out. 

8:39PM: Pope misses the front end of the 1-and-1 and Garcia fouls SPC.  SPC will go to the line.   They also miss, rebound Garcia.

8:38PM: The Peacocks are 7-for-26 in the 2nd half and only trail by 3. SPC misses reverse layup, rebound Pope,  on the other end, Pope is tied up and the possession will stay with the Pirates.  Harvey inbounds to Pope who drives to the lane and he's fouled.

8:34PM: SPC with a fade away 10 footer, cuts it to 1, Harvey misses a layup, rebounded by Garcia, puts in the bucket, back to a three point lead, 7 minutes to play.   On the other end, the ball is fumbled (anyone surprised) Seton Hall ties up the ball, it'll be SPC's possession, another time out.  7 and change remaining.

8:32PM: Mitchell misses an 18 footer, Pope rebounds, Mitchell fouled before the shot.  Mitchell will be shooting 1-and-1.  Makes both, Seton Hall up three, 8:02 to go. 40-37 Pirates. SPC trouble inbounding the ball, forced to take a timeout.

8:31PM SPC misses both free throws, gets the rebound another miss, another rebound, another miss, finally SHU rebounds, off the ball foul on SPC on the other end. 

8:30PM: Mitchell misses an open three, rebounded by Harvey, pretty pass to Hazell and he fumbles the ball, turnover.  St. Peter's fouled again on the other end of the court, they'll be shooting throws for the lead. 

8:28PM: Pope's shot partially deflected, SPC finishes under the basket and they're fouled.  Misses the free throw.  Hall leads by 1 with 8:48 remaining.

8:27PM: Hazell checks in for Theodore, right now would be a great time to get on the board, Jeremy.  Harvey inbounds to Pope, pass back to Harvey, finishes under the basket.  Another pretty assist for Pope, St. Peter's answers on the other end.  38-35 Pirates, 9:30 to play.

8:26PM: Cohen announces there was no foul called on the Pope finish, it was just an SPC timeout.  SPC makes a leaner out of the timeout, trail the Pirates by 3. 

8:23PM: SPC misses again, Mitchell fakes a three at the top of the key, drives in the lane and finishes, Hall by 3.  Herb Pope block at the other end, Herb Pope pump fakes at the perimeter, drives to the lane makes the bank in shot and he's fouled.  Seton Hall leads by 5 after scoring 13 unanswered points, now we're talking.

8:21PM: Garcia makes his throw, Pirates within 1, full court pressure.  Now it's SPC with the sloppy play another turnover, Harvey gets it down low to Garcia, fouled and finishes again! Pirates take 1 point lead and Garcia misses the free throw.  The Hall Pass Video feed has cleared up! It's nearly STD quality now, only 30 minutes late guys!

8:19PM:  12 minutes to play, Harvey to Pope under the hoop, Pope with a PRETTY interior pass to Garcia, Garica finishes and is fouled! Official timeout, 11 and change to play, Garcia going to the line, down 2. 

8:18PM: St. Peter's really looks terrible, yet they're winning by 4 points, I'll leave it at that. 

8:17PM: Another foul on Seton Hall, that's their 5th already.  Seton Hall is in a tremendous fight, not the game we were anticipating against SPC.  Another foul on the Pirates, that's the 6th team foul, Hazell's third.  Three more fouls than points for Jeremy.

8:16PM: Theodore steals, outlet pass to Harvey, Harvey lays it in, Pirates within 4. 

8:15PM: Nick Leon misses a shot, Harvey reaches Hope under the basket, swatted out of bounds, SHU ball. In bounds to Hazell, launches another 3Pt and it's off.  Hazell now shooting 0-for-7 from the floor.  Both teams are shooting < 35%, great game to watch. 

8:15PM: 14:22 remaining in the 2nd half, the further we get into the 2nd half, St. Peter's has to be confident they can pull this off, the Hall hasn't shown anything to think otherwise.  Harvey with a nice reverse layup.  The other announcer -- not Cohen, just referred to him as "Eu-Genius," hmmm, alright.
31-25 SPC.

8:13PM: Nick Leon is dicing up the Pirates defense, drives right into the lane for an easy layup.  31-23 SPC, largest lead of the night, the Pirates answer with another errant pass, turnover.

8:12PM: Marcus Toney-El sitting court side, too bad Bobby can't suit him up.  You know, to miss some free throws? ZING.

8:10PM: Harvey takes another step-back 3Pt and it's another air-ball.  Official timeout 29-23 SPC.  It has not been the opening night performance that inspires confidence. 

8:08PM: Another turnover by the Pirates, circus shot made by SPC, 6 point lead.  Hazell misses another 3Pt.  Jamel Jackson off the bench, replaces Mitchell, Pirates need some offense, immediately.  Hazell steal, pass to Jackson, Jackson misses a four footer, ugh.

8:06PM: Great ball movement by SPC, too much ball movement, 3 seconds on SPC. SHU ball. 

8:04PM:  Mitchell drives into traffic, gets fouled in the act.  Finally.  Pirates are going to shoot their first free-throws of the night.  Mitchell makes one, Hall within 4.

8:02PM:  Harvey, Hazell, Mitchell, Pope, Garcia to start the half.  Harvey shoots an air-ball three.  Next SHU possession Harvey drives and is blocked. 

8:00PM: Team is out doing halftime layup drills, we should be starting the 2nd half momentarily. The Pirates shot 43% on 10-for-23 in the first half.  Harvey came off the bench for the first time in his Seton Hall Career and leads the team in scoring with 5 points.

7:59PM: Bobby Gonzalez being interviewed by Gary Cohen in a previously recorded interview: (By the way, it's painful for a Mets fan to hear Gary's voice in October):

Bobby: Butterflies, jitters, Herb Pope has me excited, I'm anxious to get it underway.  If we can get the kids to play hard, we have to prove it, I feel as a Coach, it's my 11th year, this team has a chance to be special.

(On Keon Lawrence) He worked hard all summer, to not be in uniform opening night makes me sad, of course there's team violations, you can't be out Sunday night, 2 in the morning, there's internal things going on, I'm not at liberty to talk about.  We're still sorting through the facts, the main thing is that he's ok, he'll be in street clothes watching the game, part of the family, I still love him, I'm just disgusted with the choice he's made.  He's very lucky, he could have hurt himself or someone else.  We'll sort it out and see where we go from here.

(Biggest concern this season) Peak at the right time and play better basketball at the end of the year.  I think we can get where we need to get to, I'm hoping we can time it the right way. 

7:50PM: Seton Hall Dance Team is dancing to Rihana's Disturbia and they're in sync.  At least one SHU unit came out prepared tonight.

7:46PM: SPC last possession, stolen by Theodore, drives down the lane, losses control and then throws it over his head to nobody.  SPC recovers, drives to the bucket and fouled.  27-22 St. Peter's lead at the half.  Very ugly first half for Seton Hall, go to work with those halftime adjustment's Bobby.

7:46PM: Leon misses a runner, offensive rebound Bacon 25-19 SPC.  Harvey with a step-back three pointer and he hits it, 25-22 SPC.

7:44PM: And it's ruled a 2 pointer.  23-19 SPC, 1:15 to go in the half. 

7:42PM: Theodore drives into the lane, tries to dish it off to Pope, it's bobbled and out of bounds, SPC ball.  The Pirates haven't scored in 5 minutes, it's getting ugly.  SPC is gaining confidence, maybe they never lacked any? Theodore hits an open three off of a nice look from Robert Mitchell.  23-20 SPC.  Officials are ruling Theodore's shot a 2 pointer, officials are huddling, the game isn't on television so the officials will have to use the in-house feed to determine if it's a 2 or a 3.  Hey, if they're going to be looking at the same feed I'm watching, I wish them the best of luck, because I see about 6 perimeter lines on my feed.  

7:40PM: Hazell drives to the basket and blocked, tried to draw the foul, no dice.  Leon hits another three at the other end and it's a 12-0 SPC run, SPC leads 23-17.

7:36PM Pirates have turned the ball over 9 times thus far.  This looks like they're playing rugby out there, bodies flailing everywhere as Seton Hall continues to be careless with the ball.  Another official timeout and it'll be St. Peter's ball after the break.

7:35PM: Hazell misses a couple threes and he's still yet to score.  SPC Nick Leon with his 2nd 3Pt of the game, SPC takes a 20-17 lead. Oliver jogs to the bench, he looks winded. Pope's got some blood on the arm and will have to come out of the game momentarily. 4:20 to play in the half.

7:33PM: Hall lineup - Harvey, Hazell, Mitchell, Pope, Oliver, biggest lineup we've seen thus far.

7:31PM:  John Garcia with his second travel of the game.  Melvyn Oliver is in the game and the crowd is roaring, new Grant Billmeier anyone? Announcers compare him to Oliver Miller, instant crowd favorite at Seton Hall. He is huge, wow.  Three unanswered buckets by SPC, they cut Hall's lead and it's tied at 17, timeout Gonzo. Pope coming back into the game.  Is that all for Oliver?

7:29PM: I'm warming up to Hall Pass.  Don't get me wrong, they absolutely need to fix the video feed as I'm still seeing three players in one, however it's nice not having to watch commercials.  Garcia fouled underneath the basket as he wildly throws his elbows back and forth, c'mon be careful big guy, no T's please. 

7:26PM: A nice assist from Herb Pope at the top of the key finding Harvey hanging under the basket.  Another break in the action, 17-11 Pirates. 

7:25PM:  Harvey with a nice look from underneath the basket to Jamel Jackson at the perimeter, his a three and his first points of his Seton Hall career, everyone is getting into the action.  Seton Hall 15-11. Robert Mitchell gets in on the shot-blocking action. Theodore and Harvey on the floor at the same time, with Pope, Mitchell and Jackson.

7:21PM:  Ferrakohn Hall scores his first collegiate points, Seton Hall 12, St. Peter's 9.  Speaking of Keon Lawrence is on the bench in street clothes, the announcer (not Gary Cohen) mentioned he was suspended indefinitely due to his "traffic accident" a couple days ago.  Traffic Accident? Really?

7:19PM: Hall lineup: Harvey, Hazell, Jamel Jackson, Hall, Pope.  Pope with two blocked shots, the announcers just said, Herb Pope was, "like a pogo-stick" as you know, "human pogo-stick" is Keon Lawrence's nickname, brilliant guys, just brilliant. 

7:17 Robert Mitchell gets a nice steal and then promptly throws it over Harvey's head, out of bounds, right in line with how this game has been thus far.

7:15PM: Extremely sloppy beginning, terrible shot selection, poor defense.  As I type that, Eugene Harvey with a pretty dime to Herb Pope for the dunk. 10-9 Pirates.

7:14PM Eugene Harvey comes off the bench and Ferrakohn Hall checks in for John Garcia.

 7:12PM: The Rock looks like a typical Pirates home game, plenty of empty red seats.  The tickets aren't expensive, but the school should think about giving tickets away for free, at least the non-conference contests. 

7:11PM: Monstrous block by Garcia, Theodore races to the bucket and fouled, we've got an official timeout.

7:10PM: The defense has been non-existent thus far, 9-8 St. Peter's

7:09PM: I have audio now, only 9 minutes late, the video feed is still absolutely terrible, worse than U-stream quality.

 7:07PM: Herb Pope scores his first two points in his Seton Hall career, 6-4 Pirates.

7:03PM: I feel like I'm drunk, I'm seeing three of every player, SHU really needs to fix this or start shelling out refunds.  It is opening night, so I'll give them some time.  Maybe 2 minutes.

7:00PM: We're about to get underway.  Wow, Hall Pass is terrible.  There is no audio and the video feed is worse than STD. Bobby Gonzalez is shaking things up from the very beginning, Eugene Harvey will not start as Jordan Theodore is the Pirates starting PG. 

6:15PM Welcome. Just 45 minutes until tip-off. Although Fuquan Edwin committed verbally back in June, they've made it official today. Edwin, a 6-6, 205 pound forward from Paterson Catholic signed a letter of intent to play at Seton Hall starting in 2010-2011. More on this in a separate post later.


College basketball season is upon us and the Seton Hall Pirates will begin their 2009-2010 campaign tonight at home against the visiting Saint Peter’s Peacocks.

Please use this page to join in on the discussion as GonzoBall will be liveblogging the game starting at 6PM with tip-off set for 7PM.

Updates will load at the top of the page.

Let’s go Pirates!