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Seton Hall Pirates @ Cornell Big Red 7PM Liveblog

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9:09PM: Seton Hall is the first team to win at Cornell since December of 2007, ending the nation's 5th longest home-winning streak.  BIG win for Seton Hall, whether the AP or NCAA committee acknowledge it, it's a definite confidence builder for the Pirates.

9:08PM: Cornell makes another layup, Hall leads by 9 with 16 seconds remaining, guess what, Cornell fouls, great.  Seton Hall makes 1 of 2, they will need to improve this foul shooting, otherwise this will cost them games in the future. 

9:07PM:  Hazell checks out and the Seton Hall contingent give him a nice hand.  Cornell hits another 3PT to make it a 10pt game with 27 seconds remaining.  I applauded their effort, it was excellent, but now this is getting ridiculous, let the game end. 

9:05PM: The Cornell fans are now chanting "N-I-T" as the Pirates head to the line up 11 with 38 seconds to go.  Are they making a plea for their own fate? The Pirates certainly haven't been to the NIT recently.  

9:04PM: Cornell announcers noting the facial gestures and body language of Eugene Harvey who they claim clearly looks disgruntled after only played 14 minutes.

9:03PM: Herb Pope misses the free throw, Cornell comes away with it, but the Pirates continue to play strict defense causing a turnover.

9:02PM:  Theodore makes 1 of 2, lead is 8.  Cornell shoots a three misses, ball is loose, physical scrum for the ball, Ferrakohn Hall comes away with it and is fouled, what do ya know makes one of two.  Herb Pope with the put back, count it and he's fouled.  That should do it.

9:00PM: Robert Mitchell fouled, will go to the line with an 8 point lead, 1:25 remaining.  Mitchell makes 1 of 2. Cornell drives to the lane instead of shooting a 3PT attempt and Theodore fouls the shooter.  Cornell can cut it to 7 here, Mitchell with an earful for Theodore.  And of course, Cornell makes both, Pirates lead by 7. Theodore fouled. 

Read the transcript of the liveblog after the jump:

8:58PM: Seton Hall breaks the full court press again, Theodore takes it the rim finishing easily.  Cornell answers with another 3PT.  SHU by 8, 1:28 to go. 

8:56PM: Another 3PT shot made by Cornell, they've cut it to 9 with under 2 minutes to go.  They're refusing to die, they're showing a very respectable effort. 

8:55PM: Seton Hall busted Cornell's full court press rather easily, Pope misses a dunk, looks like the Red got away with a goaltend with a hand on the rim.  Wittman misses a 3PT attempt on the other end, Garcia fouled.

8:53PM: Wittman hits another 3PT, he was fouled on the play too, no call. Timeout Cornell, 11 point Pirates lead, 2:30 remain. 

8:50PM: Harvey back in for the final three minutes, 15 point lead, 3 minutes to go.  Cornell's Dale fouls out with only 4 points, large in part to Jordan Theodore's defense. 

8:48PM: Seton Hall is putting away Cornell with confidence, continuing to play hard on both ends, the defense has been stifling for most of the night.  With Pope shooting two, Robert Mitchell just tried to rebound the first shot after it was missed.  Intensity.  I like what I see.

8:46PM: Pirates pulling away, Cornell will force them to secure the game at the charity stripe.  Best moment of the night, Cornell fans are chanting, "HEY, HEY, YOU SUCK!" down 15 points with under 4 minutes to go.  I'm sorry to see your home winning streak on it's way out the door kids.

8:43PM: Cornell hits a three pointer, Foote throws Hall on the ground, it looked like he grabbed him by his neck, no foul call.  Hazell to the rim, fouled on the drive.  70-57 4:14 to go.  Makes both foul shots, followed by a Cornell turnover.

8:41PM: The refs are looking at the monitors after a loose ball where a jump ball was called.  Not real clear at what they're looking for.  All that and they'll go with their original call, Cornell ball, another bricked 3PT attempt.  Shooting 1-of-9 from 3PT in the 2nd half.  Hazell another heat-check, misses, Garcia kicks it out to Mitchell, 70-54 Pirates.

8:39PM:  Cornell misses an open three, another offensive rebound before they throw it away.  Theodore still in the game as Gonzo will look to Jordan to lead them in crunch time. Hazell with another 3PT shot, 31 now, the announcers reply with, "That shot makes no sense for the Pirates." Too bad.

8:35PM: Hazell attempts another 3PT, misses, rebounded by Pope, misses the put back, rebound Cornell, foul on Pope, that's his 4th.  Official timeout. 

8:34PM: Hazell with an off-balanced 8 footer, misses, gets his own rebounds, finishes.  Turnover Cornell, Hazell scoops it up drives to the basket, finishes.  28 for Hazell.  Cornell answers with a field goal, action is really picking up.  65-54 Hall, 7:35 remain. 

8:32PM: Cornell fouls Hazell, he'll go to the line on a 1-and-1.  Seton Hall will need to start converting their throws in order to secure this game and Hazell misses the first. Cornell within 9, on a 9-0 run, and the first 30 kids in the Newman arena think they're in Cameron Indoors jumping up and down.  Hazell silences them with a 3 pointer.  Cornell answers with a 3, back to 9.

 8:28PM: Cornell on a 5-0 run, they've got a little life.  Seton Hall has slowed this game down, they're no longer forcing the tempo, they're trying to run the clock out instead of knocking Cornell out of the contest.  Another miss by the Pirates, followed by another bucket by Big Red, lead has been cut to 11.

The drunk fan is screaming at the top of his lungs, "how is that not a foul!!!" He's repeated that 12 times during the timeout.  There hasn't been action in the past minute and a half and he hasn't stopped screaming, someone get rid of this guy.

8:24PM: Harvey with a beautiful dish to Pope.  Herb goes in for a monstrous dunk, but it pops out.  Cornell ball.

There's an obnoxiously drunk Big Red fan sitting right next to the announcers (SNY feed) repeatedly screaming, "see you in the tournament! you won't be in the tournament! you won't be in tournament!" Seriously, he repeated this for 2 minutes straight.  I guess to this particular Big Red fan, getting to "the tournament" by way of beating up on Ivies and getting waxed back-to-back years is good enough.  So be it.

8:22PM:  Cornell has gone cold, launching brick after brick, Hazell with a pretty pass to Pope for the dunk.  Another Cornell missed 3PT attempt and Hazell makes a runner.  16 Seton Hall lead, 56-40, 12:44 remain.  Cornell is on the ropes, go in for the kill boys.

8:18PM: Hall leads by 12, Gonzo is about two feet on the floor during play.  Pope blocked by Foote, out of bounds, Pirates will retain possession.  Official timeout.

8:15PM: Harvey with a pretty dish to Hall who finishes with the dunk.  Cornell announcers with the comment, "they're doing a lot of celebrating on that bench early on, aren't they?" 

8:13PM:  Big Red with a bucket, on the other end, Foote draws a charge on Pope.  Cornell miss on the other end, Mitchell rebounds and Stix drives to the rim, fouled.  Refs pull Mitchell aside and tell him to calm down.  Pope for the second time tonight steps in to cool off his teammates, maturity. 

8:11PM: Harvey in for Theodore, Hall in for Garcia.  Cornell actually misses one FT.  Hall 46-38.  Hazell with a bad shot attempt as he tries to bank in a three, but hey... heat check.  Stix with the rebound, fouled under the basket and makes both.  10 point SHU lead. 

8:09PM: Cornell misses a bunch of shots under the rim, but out rebound the Hall on that possession and finishes with a bucket.  Hazell answers with another 3PT, bottoms.  Another offensive rebound by Cornell, fouled and they're headed to the line.  Third foul on John Garcia.  

8:07PM: Theodore will start the second half at PG.  Hazell with a nice finish on a fast break and is fouled by Louis Dale who picked up his 3rd foul. 

Halftime Notes:
-Cornell has a 20 game home winning streak, they haven't lost in nearly two years.
-Jordan Theodore leads the Pirates with 14 points (5-8FG) in 13 minutes off of the bench, Harvey hasn't taken a shot yet.
-Pope is again putting up a balanced stat sheet with 5PT-6REB-3BLK-2AST-1STL.  This kid is a serious trip-dub threat.

7:49PM: Herb Pope with a big three pointer with 3 seconds left on the clock, Hall leads by 5 at halftime.  They had a chance to put Cornell away halfway through this half, but let them hang around.  Cornell answered by hitting open shots and only trail by 5 at halftime.

7:48PM:  Foote with a spin move, hits the basket.  Pirates by 7, Mitchell miss on the other end, Cornell open three and they hit it.  Lead cut to 4.  The Pirates CANNOT get lazy with their perimeter defense.  Jackson fouled, missed the front end of the 1-and-1, Cornell wide open 8 footer and it's a 2 point game.

7:46PM: Another Herb Pope block, wow he's accumulating another impressive stat sheet.  Theodore throws it down court, Cornell knocks it out of bounds.  Theodore, stutter-step drive, converts on the way to the hoop.  14 points off the bench for Jordan.

7:44PM: Hazell on the bench, Pope dishes to Theodore, hits a three, then Jordan fouls Cornell on the other end.  Hall 35, Red 26, Red will be shooting 1-and-1. As expected, they make both, don't expect them to miss any FT tonight.  Mitchell attempts to go baseline, steps out of bounds.

7:41PM: Hazell with another fade away 15 footer that drops.  Followed by a Cornell miss, Hazell takes a wild heat-check three, miss.  Hazell fouls on the other end, he knows he took a bad shot in the middle of his NBA Jam "on fire" moment.  I'm sure he'll heat up again shortly. 

7:39PM: Cornell turns it over on a risky pass along the baseline, Pirates ball with a 6pt lead.  Hazell with a pretty drive to the lane, he's really taking over the game right now.  Cornell announcers said "Hazell, NBA Talent and only a sophomore," ah, we wish.  Ok, he's corrected himself, I'll let it pass.  

7:37PM: Wittman answers with a corner three, Red within 4.  Hazell hits a 3PT from the side, sinks the shot and is fouled, watch out.  Jeremy is heating up. Converts the 4 point play. Big red answers with a layup, within 6.  Turnover on Seton Hall, ball thrown away bringing the ball down court. 

7:36PM: Theodore attempts an alley-oop, thrown off of the backboard, yet a loose ball fouled called on Cornell.  A little pushing and shoving, refs warn both teams -- we saw this last week as well.  Seton Hall in bounds, Hazell hits his long trademark three pointer.  24-17 Pirates.  Foul on Pope on the other end.

7:34PM: Another shot clock countdown by the Cornell fans, launch a 40 footer, nearly falls, Cornell rebounds and Pirates foul.  On the in bounds, Theodore ties up Cornell, possession Cornell.  Cornell makes a reverse bucket and fouled, they aren't going to miss their FTs.  Yet, there's a lane violation.  21-17 Pirates.

7:31PM: Seton Hall nearly causes another turnover on Cornell's possession, the defense has really turned it on after the 8-0 Cornell start.  Another official timeout.  Newman Arena playing some Lil' Wayne and Chris Brown during the timeout, impressive.

7:29PM: Finally, they call a travel on Foote, he's been moving his two all night.  Sorry, bad joke.  Mitchell hits a three, 22-15 Pirates and they're taking a look at Mitchell's 3PT shot and it's been ruled a two. 21-15.

7:28PM: The Cornell fans chant, "you got swatted" when they get a block.  They also chant down the time as it's depleted from the shot-clock, cute.  Mitchell makes a runner, Cornell another miss on the other end, Theodore drives baseline, draws another foul. 

7:27PM: Theodore at the point, Hazell jump shot is off, Pope ANOTHER offensive rebound, extra pass to Garcia, converts and fouled, misses the throw. 

7:25PM: Cornell with a miss, Harvey hits Pope at the charity stripe, Pope with a nice dime to Garcia under the hoop.  Cornell answers with a 3, tied again. Pope shot attempt, blocked, rebounds, tries again, losses it out of bounds.  Cornell quickly down the court, converts the layup, timeout Gonzo. 15-13 Red.

7:20PM: Jordan Theodore with another impressive drive to the hoop, draws another foul, will shoot two.  Makes one, Pope with another monster block on the other end, WOW. Timeout, 11-10 Pirates. 

7:18PM: Foote traveled about 3 times before laying in a bucket.  10-8 Cornell. Hazell deep three misses, Pope another rebound.  He's got 4 or 5 already.  Another missed three point attempt for the Pirates, another Pope rebound. Cornell and Seton Hall tied up, possession Pirates. Hazell ugly shot attempt and it goes in, Cornell miss on the other end, another rebound Pope.

7:16PM: Cornell with an awful in bounding turnover, didn't we see this last Friday? Cornell tries to get fancy on offense, another turnover, Theodore with another finish. 8-8 tie game, Seton Hall 8-0 run.

7:14PM: Theodore with a floater, rolls around and drops.  Cornell quickly down the other end, lots of ball movement, turn the ball over, Theodore steal, lay in, 8-6 Cornell. Seton Hall's defense is stepping up, tying up the ball, forcing a jump ball. 

7:11PM:  Big Red in a 2-3 zone, Hall having trouble creating any offense.  As I type that, Pope with a beautiful spin and the bucket.  Pope follows with a block and serious rebound on the other end. Official timeout, 15:55, Hall trails 8-2.

7:11PM: Theodore misses a three, rebound Cornell.  Cornell hits another 3PT.  8-0 and Cornell loves the pace, timeout Gonzo.  This is what we all were afraid of. As I mentioned in my posts throughout the week, Seton Hall may need to slow things down and try to out muscle the Big Red while playing strict perimeter defense.  They haven't done either as of yet.

7:10PM: Seton Hall turnover, Cornell hits a three from the top of the key, 5-0 Big Red.  Garcia misses a four footer and then commits a foul on the other end, an ugly start for the Pirates. 

7:08PM: Hazell misses a three, rebound chased down by Pope, Pope drive baseline, miss, Pope rebounds again and is fouled.  Pope misses both throws.

7:06PM: Nice half-court offense by Cornell, good passing set up off of the screen, Cornell draws an early shooting foul and they make both. 

7:05PM: Pirates win opening tip, Herb Pope blocked by the 7 footer Foote, Cornell ball.  The Cornell fans are referred to as "Newman Nation."

7:03PM: Seton Hall is the first Big East team to visit Newman Arena, where Cornell hasn't lost since 2007.  The starting lineups are as expected: Harvey, Hazell, Mitchell, Pope, Garcia

6:59PM: The Cornell basketball team is doing pre-game dribbling drills, back and forth from sideline to sideline, think summer basketball camp, I kid you not. Thank God the SNY feed is live, the two minutes watching/listening to the Cornell kids was torturous.

6:53PM: Video feed of the game HERE.  It kind of looks like it's being broadcast from a cellphone? Yes, it's worse than Hall Pass. Note, it's the Cornell student announcers and they just stated, "if Seton Hall were to lose tonight, there NCAA tournament hopes COULD BE gone." Right.

These Cornell announcers are straight-up FOOLISH in the past 30 seconds they made three points on the pirates, I'll list them and let you guys decide:

1. The team has many impact transfers, including Keon Lawrence, who will make a big impact. (No mention to any off-court incidents)
2. Herb Pope has a wife.
3. Jeff Robinson a transfer from Memphis will make a big impact tonight.

That was just inexcusable, sorry for anyone that was listening to that garbage.

6:38PM: The Pre-Game Notes are up.  I had to knock the post down and you can view it underneath the liveblog or by clicking here.  The Pre-Game Notes also contains a link to listen on the radio, enjoy.

Alan Said... Thanks for doing the Liveblog again. I'd be shocked if Keon played tonight, but we'll see.
GB: My pleasure Alan, welcome back.  There will be a Liveblog for most of the games.  I'd be shocked as well if Keon is suited up, despite all the hearsay around the blogs/message boards this afternoon.  That's exactly what it is at this point, hearsay.  Until there's an official statement or we see him on the floor, Pirates fans should take caution with everything they read regarding this situation.

Anonymous Said... Word on the street (Regan Recreation and Athletic Center) is that Keon will play tonight.
GB: There's been a lot of speculation on the message boards today from those claiming to have "inside sources" that not only a decision was made, but there would be an announcement this afternoon. Unfortunately, there hasn't been either and it's doubtful there will be any news on this subject prior to tip-off. 

Anonymous Said... OK Dudes, its 6:00. Where da Blog at?
GB: Sorry for the delay, stuck in traffic, but we're live now.

ShuBanger Said... Is Keon suited up?
GB: It's doubtful Keon will be playing, let's look out for what color suit he's wearing though as some reporter will be sure to waste valuable time in Gonzo's presser again.

Wondering Said... Hello......hello.....anybody home? .....hello
GB: Hi Wondering, thanks for joining.

6:12PM: We're live now, my apologies for the delay as I was held up in traffic on the way.  The Pre-Game post will be up shortly and the liveblog will update at the top of the page.

Please use this page to join in on the discussion as GonzoBall will be liveblogging the game starting at 6PM with tip-off set for 7PM.

Updates will load at the top of the page.

As always, let’s go Pirates!