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UPDATE: Keon Lawrence Blood Test Results Are Not In

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This story keeps getting stranger.

Let's look at the timeline of how events are unfolding:

Tuesday AM: The Bergen Record reports that a blood test was conducted at the scene of the accident and Lawrence's BAC was higher than the .08 legal limit. The original story can still be read here. Note, the authors spoke to Sgt. Stephen Jones, who they quoted, saying:

A blood test conducted at the scene determined that his blood-alcohol level exceeded the legal limit of .08, Jones said, adding that he did not have the exact figure.

Lawrence was charged with driving while intoxicated and driving with a suspended license, Jones said.

Tuesday PM: Various media outlets dispute the Record's statement that the test was conducted at the scene, reporting it was actually taken at the hospital. Sgt. Stephen Jones was quoted again, however, this time the story is different. SNY's Adam Zagoria reports:

"The results are not in," Jones said. "In this case he's charged before we knew the exact blood-alcohol level."

Jones added that the test also didn't take place at the scene of the accident.

"It wasn't conducted at the scene. It was conducted at the hospital," he said.

Wednesday PM: Zagoria has updated his blog this afternoon, with more information pertaining to the test-results, providing yet another quote from Sgt. Stephen Jones:

"They [the blood test results] have not come in," Sgt. Stephen Jones of the New Jersey State Police said Tuesday by phone. "They went to the state police lab today [Tuesday] to be processed. Those results will be forwarded back to the trooper and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office. They are not going to be released to the public."

So here we are, whether the Record quoted Sgt. Jones incorrectly Monday morning or whether he misspoke is impossible to assume. We do know that the blood-test was taken at the hospital and the results have not been sent to the State Police as of yet. According to Sgt. Jones, when the results come back they will not be released to the public, however, Lawrence and his attorney will be entitled to view the results at that time.

Realistically, the general public will probably find out what the actual BAC was in the next week or two. However, since Lawrence was charged with a DWI before the results came in, what happens if he was under the legal limit? Theoretically, the DWI charge will be dropped and Lawrence should be able to return to his team. However, was Lawrence charged with a DWI due to failing another sobriety test? We simply don't know all the facts yet and the search for answers will surely continue throughout the week, possibly overshadowing the team's opener on Friday.