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Introducing Gonzo Ball, What is Gonzo Ball?

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Gonzo Ball is the unofficial blog of Seton Hall Men's Basketball.  It's origin derives from our boisterous, sometimes theatrical, but absolutely methodical head coach, Bobby Gonzalez.  We aim to be your source for news and notes, in depth player/game analysis and exclusive content, such as player interviews.  In November, we sat down with the emerging Seton Hall star, Herb Pope, as he was preparing himself and his teammates for Big East play.  We encourage you to check out the interview as you acclimate yourself with the site:

Gonzo Ball chats with Seton Hall forward, Herb Pope

We will analyze, applaud and criticize every move the team makes, as neither Gonzo or his players will be off-limits.  At Gonzo Ball, we will scout the competition, including pre-game, in-game and post-game threads where the reader can stop by and discuss the events with both Seton Hall and the opposition's fans.   You will not agree with us on every issue, however user participation is not only welcomed, but encouraged.  We look forward to spending a successful and eventful 09-10 season with you as the Seton Hall Pirates attempt to string together a memorable Big East Conference run.