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Halftime Notes: Syracuse 43, Seton Hall 43

-Well, well.  What was once a 41-29 Seton Hall lead has been cut to 43-43 at the half as the Orange ended the half on a 14-2 run.  Ugh!

-Jeremy Hazell is right in line for his typical output, finishing the half with 20PTS/4REB/2AST on 7-of-16 and 3-of-9 3PT shooting.  Hazell is filling up the bucket, but needs to convert at a better rate to put his team in better posistion. 

-Syracuse is shooting 51% from the floor, whereas the Pirates are only hitting the basket at a 37% rate. 

-A look at turnovers give Seton Hall the slight edge with +3 differential.  Syracuse has committed 11 turnovers, opposed to 8 from The Hall.

-Offensive rebounding helped build a 12 point lead for the Pirates in the first half as the Pirates hold a 13-to-5 lead on the offensive glass.

-Herb Pope has 8PTs/11REBs/5TOs in the first half while his counterpart, Wesley Johnson finished with 7PTs/7REBs/3BLKs/AST/STL.

-Bobby Gonzalez started three guards in Harvey, Hazell and Jackson and has remained committed to the three guard look to counter Syracuse's 2-3 zone throughout much of the first half.  It'll be interesting to watch whether Boeheim and Gonzalez make any adjustments to adjust to each others manuvering in the first.

-Keys for the second: Pound the glass, smart shot selection -- don't rush 3PT attempts, wait for the open teammate around the perimeter, pound the ball inside to Herb Pope.  Teams may go Hack-A-Pope, but until they start, at least get him a few touches, get him involved.  Hazell needs to drive to the basket more, we saw it often against WVU, but tonight he looks to be strictly looking for his outside shot.  Jeremy needs to penetrate and get to the line.  Defense, Defense, Defense in the second half, don't let Syracuse get open looks from the perimeter or this one will get out of hand quickly.  Onuaku is going to get his (10PTS 5-of-6 shooting) on Garcia, but Seton Hall will be better off with Onuaku taking his shot attempts than Rautins launching at will.  Rautins has been held to 3 3PT attempts in the first, Seton Hall must keep that intensity if they're going to keep this one close.