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Post-Game Thoughts: Syracuse (13-0, 1-0) 80, Seton Hall (9-3, 0-2) 73

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Initial Post-Game Thoughts:

-So close, yet, so far.   Seton Hall took a 57-51 lead with 12 minutes to play, however, Syracuse would make a serious run to put the Pirates upset bid to rest, with a 80-73 victory at the Rock. 

-Let's take a look at shooting the basketball.  Seton Hall was out-shot by a percentage of 48% to 34% from the floor.   Both teams shot poorly from 3PT distance as Syracuse finished at 30% compared to Seton Hall's 27%. 

-Free throw shooting continues to be a problem.  It's not only getting painful, but it's getting to be pathetic to watch.  Seton Hall shot 14-of-24 from the charity stripe, seriously, 58%. Only 58%! This is the Big East, that's not going to cut it. Like I mentioned in the pre-game post, you aren't going to win any Big East contests shooting 65% and you certainly won't win any shooting 58%, how pitiful!

-Jeremy Hazell had a Hazell-esque game, finishing with 38 points on 12-of-31 shooting, including 6-of-15 from 3PT distance.  Hazell also contributed 5ASTs/5REBs, however, his overall FG and 3PT percentage has to be alarming despite hit total point output.

-Herb Pope had another monster game for the Pirates, keeping Seton Hall in this game for as long as his teammates could stick around.  Pope finished with: 15PTs/17REBs/AST/STL/2BLK in a great effort against Wesley Johnson.

-Speaking of Johnson, the #1 ranked SF in the country and a guaranteed lottery pick, finished with 20PTs/19REBs/5BLK/2AST/STL, what a performance, give the kid a visitors Gonzo Ball!

-Seton Hall forced 20 Syracuse turnovers, while only committing 13.  The Hall reeled off 13 steals compared to 5 for the Orange.  With that said, the most telling stat of the night might be the Pirates 58% percentage from the charity stripe, while Syracuse converted at 73%.  Like I've said repeatedly, the poor free throw shooting is due to cost the Pirates a few games.

-Seton Hall hung close for 30 minutes, but Syracuse proved to be the better team in the end.  An (0-2) Big East start certainly stings, but it'd be hard to deny that Seton Hall hasn't showed promise at times.  The Pirates have seen two of the nation's best squads in one week and despite taking an L for each game, the Pirates have showed fight.  0-2 isn't insurmontable by any means, this team WILL rebound. 

-More to come in tomorrow's Morning After Post...