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Around the Hall: SHU Basketball Show Tonight, Big East Unbeatens, Setonian

The Seton Hall Basketball Show with Coach Bobby Gonzalez makes it's premiere tonight on SNY at 6:30PM.  The show is entering it's third season:
Seventh-year Seton Hall radio voice Gary Cohen will host the half-hour show. The veteran announcer also serves as the TV voice for the Mets on SNY. SNY will televise eight Seton Hall men's basketball games this year.
A feel good story out of Newark where the basketball team, coaches and administrators sang for 150 children at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newark After School Program:
Seton Hall senior basketball center John Garcia was happy to make the visit with his fellow athletes.

"These kids really enjoyed our visit," explained Garcia. "It's a great feeling to spread the happiness of the holidays and to give back."
Division 1 NCAA teams need to stop playing cupcakes in their out of conference schedules, specifically non-division 1 teams, according to Jeff Goodman. In the same article, Goodman notes of the 15 Division 1 teams who are left unbeaten, a third of which hail from the Big East:
STAYING PERFECT: There are now 15 D-I teams without a blemish on their record — and one-third of them reside in the Big East. Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, Seton Hall and West Virginia are all unbeaten thus far.
Even the Setonian, the Seton Hall newspaper, weighs in with their opinion on the soft out-of-conference schedule:
My gut feeling is that plenty of NCAA coaches would be willing to come to the metropolitan area for a game and perhaps some recruiting in the hotbed that is New York City high school basketball during the early months of the season.
The Pirates need to take a lesson from their conference-mates. Even if the Hall pulls off some major Big East upsets this year, it may find itself in the NIT – playing weaker non-power conference schools that it has grown accustomed to the past seven games.