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Around the Hall: On Board, 25th in Power Rankings, Key Additions, Split Big East, First Blemish?

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Coach Bobby Gonzalez is featured in the second Episode of, "On Board," a weekly web show that provides fans a chance to catch up with Seton Hall coaches and Athletes.
Every Wednesday, a new episode will be available for free on, the official website of Seton Hall athletics. Log on by clicking the "Video" tab of the HallPass portal on the athletics home page to watch the one-on-one interviews and learn more about the featured Pirate both on and away from the field of competition.
Although not the AP or Coaches Poll, the Pirates check in at 25th on Luke Winn's Power Rankings for Sports Illustrated:
The next 16: 17. UConn. 18. Gonzaga. 19. UNLV. 20. Ole Miss. 21. Wisconsin. 22. Texas A&M. 23. Illinois. 24. Memphis. 25. Seton Hall. 26. Ohio State. 27. Northwestern. 28. Missouri State. 29. William & Mary. 30. Dayton. 31. Georgia Tech. 32. Temple.
Odd that Luke has Seton Hall ahead of Temple at this point, however, let's hope the Pirates reaffirm his decision on Saturday evening.

Andy Katz looks at key additions arriving around the country this week, however focuses on UConn's Ater Majok in his daily blog:
Additions are occurring around the country, with Kansas adding Brady Morningstar this weekend, Villanova bringing back Reggie Redding and Seton Hall adding Keon Lawrence and Jeff Robinson.

But the difference in all of these cases is that these players have played in college. Majok has not. That's why patience will be pertinent in the coming weeks.
In discussion of expanding the Big Ten (11) to twelve teams, the Boston Globe notes the possibility of splitting the Big East into two conferences: Colleges that are only involved in Big East Basketball and those who are involved in both Big East Basketball and BE Football:
But any movement could also cut into basketball and force the 16-team Big East basketball conference to split into more of a football-basketball mix. The basketball conference would have a strong Catholic school configuration of eight teams: St. John’s, Seton Hall, Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette, DePaul, Providence, and Notre Dame.

The football league would be eight or nine teams consisting of Connecticut, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida, Central Florida, and (pick two of three) Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Rutgers.
Not a fan. 

Seton Hall's undefeated record will suffer it's first blemish on Saturday night, writes Seth Davis, in discussing the remaining perfect teams:
Skinny: While I wouldn't discount a true road win against a very good Cornell team, clearly the Pirates have not established their bona fides like most of the others on this list. If this game against Temple was coming two or three days after the Owls' upset of Villanova, I would probably pick the Hall to win. But Temple has had plenty of time to come down from its emotional high, and the Owls have played a far more rigorous schedule (Georgetown, Siena, Virginia Tech, St. John's, Villanova) than Seton Hall to this point. Seton Hall will benefit from gaining the eligibility of guard Keon Lawrence (suspension) and forward Jeff Robinson (second-semester transfer), but I doubt those guys will have much of an impact in just their first game.