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Around the Hall: Rest of the Rotation, Reinforcements, Melvyn Oliver, Best Game of Weekend

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Jamel Jackson just missed the Andy Katz player of the week selection, which went to Greg Monroe of Georgetown, however Jackson is listed as the first name on, "the rest of the rotation" list:
Jamel Jackson, Jr., G, Seton Hall: Jackson was averaging just 7 points a game and had just one point in 12 minutes in the previous outing against UMass. But something special occurred Saturday against VMI. He put together an unbelievable outing, scoring 40 points off the bench, making 12 3s and connecting on 14 of 17 shots. Wow. Who saw that happening?
Seton Hall needs to be cautious in their attempt to insert Lawrence and Robinson into their lineup in advance of Temple says Andy Katz.  Katz, wrote an entire blog post on the reinforcements coming for the Hall, I highly suggest checking it out.  He also speaks on Lawrence's role during the pre-season as Gonzo had him penned as part of the starting rotation.  With the Pirates rolling, that won't be the case upon his return:
"We had been starting him the whole first month of the year and that screwed us up," Gonzalez said. "Three days before the first game I had to change the lineup. I should have just gone with [returnees] Robert Mitchell and Jeremy Hazell. I was believing in Keon and it screwed us up. I should have stayed with what was working."

But now that he has Lawrence back, Gonzalez said he will be part of the second unit as a player who allows him more flexibility at shooting guard defensively. He said the defensive matchups that Seton Hall can now deal with have improved by rotating in Lawrence and Robinson. But he knows he'll have to massage the egos on a squad where things are working.
Reading Gonzo's quotes are interesting to me.  "I should have just gone with Mitchell and Hazell." You should have? Nobody knew the predicament that Keon would find himself in the three days before the season.  Why are you doubting yourself? You had a game plan with Lawrence in the rotation, unforeseen circumstances occurred, you made proper adjustments and the team is rolling right now.

I don't know what to make of the next statement, "I was believing in Keon and it screwed us up," sounds a lot different than the "Keon is a part of a family" quotes from a few weeks ago.  Don't get me wrong, Keon did screw up and his decision hurt his team, but I just don't see the point in Gonzalez calling him out right before the kid makes his debut.  Maybe he's trying to light a fire under Keon and if it works, we'll look back on it as a good move.  It's possible that the quote simply came out wrong and Bobby didn't mean to call out Keon with his words.  Maybe he's saying he believed in Lawrence and the situation screwed up the team's rotation, opposed to, "my belief in the kid screwed our team," I don't know, but I'll reserve judgement for now.  

Brendan Prunty's usual Q&A's, game balls, suicides and ridiculous stat column for the VMI game, always an excellent read:
Now, it's easy to say, "Well, you're just singling one guy out. That's unfair." Valid criticism. But consider that during Oliver's 12-plus minutes in the game (approximately 30 percent of actual game time), VMI scored 49 points, which was 45.7 percent of its total output for the game. Granted the up-tempo style of play is a big factor, but if he's a liability on defense against VMI, what will happen against teams like Syracuse (4th in the country in scoring, 89.9 ppg) or Villanova (11th with, 84 ppg) if Oliver has to get in the game?
I do have a bone to pick with Prunty as I tipped him via Twitter that the Pirates must have been -10 in the first half with Big Mel in the game, yet didn't give me a shout out in the column! I kid, I kid, Prunty's work is excellent stuff and I'm sure he would have caught it on his own.   

The thrilling Pirates-Keydets shootout on Saturday received, "best game of the weekend" by Slam Magazine:
Best game of the weekend hands down though goes to VMI and Seton Hall. The Pirates "outlasted" the Keydets 134-107, establishing a new program scoring record against the highest scoring team in the nation. Jamel Jackson scored 40 and Jeremy Hazell added 33 of his own in the explosion that saw three other Hall players reach double figures. Just to give you an idea of how absurd this scoring exhibition really was though, consider that Jackson and Hazell’s 73 total points were enough to beat 113 of the teams that played on Saturday.