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Half-Time Notes: Navy 23 Seton Hall 30

What on earth did we just watch? I'm dizzy after sitting through 20 minutes of that.

-Navy shot 24% on 8-of-34 shooting, better yet, they shot 9% from long distance, on a Jeremy Hazell-esque 1-of-11.  I kid. 

-Seton Hall wasn't much better on 36% and 13% respectively.

-We did see a more balanced rotation of guards, as Robinson, Harvey and JT all received significant time in the first half.  Even Jamel Jackson subbed into the game long enough to record 3 shot attempts, missing them all.

-Herb Pope had a rather pedestrian first half recording 6PT/4REB/BLK/4TO.

-John Garcia was a bright spot of this ugly offensive attack, recording 13 minutes (more than 2x the amount of time he played against TU) adding 5PT/8REB.  Garcia contributes when he plays, I doubt the notion of his "lingering injury" was a factor for his diminished playing time against the Owls.  I mean, could he really have recuperated in two nights time?

-Herb Pope and Jeff Robinson lead the Pirates with 6 points.

-Joe Quinlan, interviewed by Dave Popkin at halftime, stated that the Pirates are "talking to several BCS schools" in scheduling their out-of-conference schedule next year. We'll see.