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Half-Time Notes: West Virginia 41 Seton Hall 39

-After a slow start, falling to a 15-3, Seton Hall has bounced back finishing the half on a late run to briefly take the lead, 36-35.

-Hazell also started slowly, before catching a bit of fire, finishing the half with 18 despite 2-of-7 3PT shooting.

-Pope was removed with about 7:00 minutes in the half after picking up his second foul. He was the lone Pirate to start the game strong, including finishing around the rim and a monstrous block. He'll need to hit the glass to keep the Pirates in this game. 7PTS/3REB/2BLK for Pope.

-Jeff Robinson converted a nice baby hook, but he needs to be more selective with his shot selection. 1-of-5 from the floor isn't doing your teammates any favors.

-WVU has the upper hand shooting the ball on 43% FG shooting and 33% from 3PT. The Pirates trail behind with 39% and 25% respectively.

-WVU was able to break the Pirates early press, despite a clear raise in SHU's defensive intensity. Gonzo remained committed to the press, forcing 3TOs in the back court, WVU has 6TOs for the half, Pirates only have 2.