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Halftime Notes: Temple Owls 27 Seton Hall 30

-Jeff Robinson was the first of the new arrivals off the bench at about the 15 minute mark.  Robinson took a couple questionable shot attempts, including a wild, contested 3PT that bricked far left.  He only shot 1-of-4 in the first half, however he contributed 3PTS/2BLKS.

-Keon Robinson was a bit more impressive, seeing time at the 1 and the 2.  He's very fast and nicknamed, "the human pogo stick" for a reason.  On one of his first defensive possessions, he skied towards to the rim to gather a rebound, unfortunately the ball fell through the hoop.  He did record 6PTS/3REB/BLK on 2-of-3 shooting.

-The Pirates lead by 3, however they are playing into the Temple's style of play.  The Pirates will need to start hitting their jumpers if they're going to change the tempo.  They're only shooting 34% from the floor and 22% from 3PT, those numbers aren't going to get it done.  The Owls are also shooting 34%, but their defense will keep them in the game if they can reproduce another 20 minutes on the defensive end.

-I'm ruling part one of the Pope/Allen battle a draw.  Pope has 3PT/7REB while Allen countered with 7PT/4REB.  Pope will need to get rolling offensively in the 2nd half, in order to open up his teammates for looks on the perimeter.