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Hartford Hawks (2-5) @ Seton Hall Pirates (5-0) 7PM Liveblog

8:54PM: This one is a wrap, Pirates win 89-56.

8:49PM: Gatling with a marvelous move at half court, jukes his defenders and draws cheers from the crowd.  Gatling hits the trailer Cajuste, who is fouled on the shooting attempt, misses both throws.

8:48PM: Gatling makes a free throw and he has made his first collegiate point! Congratulations as the walk on makes both free throws.  The crowd erupts and Darnell has a huge smile on his face.

8:46PM: Ferrakohn Hall takes his 2nd 3pt attempt of the year, misses, sloppy basketball ensues.  1:40 to go, thank God.  Gatling charges into the lane and is fouled in the act, he'll have another chance to get into the act.

8:42PM: Gatling and Cajuste check into the game, come on guys, put a couple buckets in.  Gatling misses the front end of a 1-and-1.  Cajuste's turn, he makes one.

8:34PM:  Pope's double-double streak is in jeopardy at ending at 4 as he remains on the bench with 6 minutes to go.  He has 7PTs and 10REB as the Pirates lead 75-44.  Come on Gonzo, get him in the game, let him get his 3 points and THEN call it a night.

8:31PM: Harvey with a RIDICULOUS looping pass to Theodore behind the perimeter, the trey is good, 13th assist for Harvey.  Cohen points out, the last time SHU has had a Pirate record 13 assists in one game was Andre Barrett who had 13 against FDU in 2001. 

8:28PM: Hall Pass audio finally comes back on after being turned off the last 5 minutes, just in time for it to be turned back off at the next stoppage.  Ferrakohn Hall with two blocks on the defensive end.  The two teams are starting to get chippy exchanging words after every play.  Pirates in the bonus, Harvey makes two.  He's a point shy of a double-double. 

8:23PM: The Hawks convert back-to-back layups on their last two possessions.  65-43 Pirates, 10 minutes to go.  Seton Hall isn't winning this game like they should, they should be up 30 right now.  Still, they may easily win by 50. Let's see how they finish this blowout in the last 10 minutes, despite being up 20. 

8:17PM: Those watching Hall Pass missed an entire UHA possession which ended with the Hawks hitting a 3.  Not that it matters at this point, but still ridiculous. Also ridiculous every time there is a timeout Hall Pass cuts off the radio feed.  Once play resumes, the audio doesn't come back on until about 5 minutes later.  It's also my 3rd time complaining about this tonight. Seton Hall 62-UHA 39, 11 and change remain.

8:15PM: Harvey keeps finding his teammates, however their shots haven't been falling the last couple possessions, Harvey could be close to 15 assists by now.  13:20 to go, Theodore fouled attempting a running bank shot.

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8:11PM: Harvey picked up his 12th assist on a feed to Garcia, official timeout.  Eugene has 12 assists with 14:40 left to play, will he hit 20? It'd be an amazing feat, even against UHA.  58-33 SHU lead.

8:05PM: Hazell misses a deep three, rebounded by Pope, misses an easy put-back, rebounds again, misses another.  Harvey steals, finds Hazell on a pretty dime.  Next UHA possession Harvey steals AGAIN and a Beautiful behind the back pass to Mitchell who converts the layup.  Just like that, two assists and two steals in 15 seconds for Harvey.  He's got 7PTs/9AST/4STL.

8:02PM: Pope fouled in the act, heads to the line and makes one of two.  He's 2-of-4 from the stripe tonight, he came into the game shooting 29%.  Teams may begin thinking "hack-a-pope" should his struggles continue.  On the very next possession Pope is fouled shooting and again, makes one of two.  On his second FT and miss, Harvey grabbed the rebound and was fouled on the put-back, Harvey makes both. 

7:57PM: Half-Time Notes:
-Pope is struggling a bit, shooting only 2-of-6 from the field, yet his double-double streak looks like it'll hold up.  He has 5PTs and 7REB at the half.
-Eugene Harvey is off to an excellent start with 5 PTs on 2-of-2 shooting, 7AST, 3STL, 2REB, and 3TO, however 2 of those game in the early minutes of the game.
-Hazell picked up 2 fouls rather early and sat a good portion of the first half.  He's only 1-of-4 from the perimeter with 7 points.
-Seton Hall is shooting 47% from the floor, the Hawks are shooting 36%.

7:46PM: Again Gary Cohen's mic hasn't been turned off, "As horribly bad as they've played, they're up 16 at half."  Actually, Gary, they're up 18 at the half.

7:44PM: Theodore with a steal near half court, takes it the distance converting the lineup.  Hartford attempts to hold for the last shot and they turn the ball over, dribbling the ball off of their own foot.  Jackson launches a 30 footer with time expiring and it's good! Pirates lead 42-24 at halftime. 

7:42PM: Jamel Jackson launches another three and misses, the two teams seem to just be exchanging three-point attempts at this point.  The Hall are having trouble penetrating the 2-3 zone and seem contempt to continue launching shots from the perimeter.  After another Hartford miss, Harvey drives to the other end, pretty pass to Mitchell, fouled, he makes both. 37-24 Hall. 44 ticks in the half. 

7:41PM: Hartford hits a three and the lead is 8, Jamel Jackson answers with a 3 on the other end.

7:39PM: Pope is fed down low, misses the bank shot, he's 2-of-6 from the floor tonight, on the defensive end, Pope picks up a foul, that's his second.  John Garcia in for Pope, Jamel Jackson in for JT.

7:37PM: No Surprise continuing problems with Hall Pass, they've seemed to have lost their audio feed.  SHU up 30-19 with 3 and change left in the first half.

7:30PM: Harvey causes another Hartford turnover, with another steal on the inbounds pass.  A terrific outlet pass to Hope for the two handed power dunk.  Anyone want to question the size of his hands after that one? Wow.

7:28PM: Hartford will use their second time out after a Theodore three point shooter, following possession Harvey immediately steals the ball on full court pressure and lays it in for an easy bucket.  Seton Hall's lead back to 10 points. 

7:26PM: Mitchell attempts to get the ball to Pope on an entry feed, Pope steps out of bounds, another turnover, Hartford ball

7:24PM: Hartford on a 5-0 run, cuts the lead to 19-14.  Seton Hall has been a bit sloppy with the ball the past couple possessions, get Herb Pope the ball, please.

7:22PM: Ferrakohn Hall replaces Garcia for one possession, he gets tied up losses the ball and is immediately subbed out for Robert Mitchell, odd. 

7:20PM: Theodore makes a pretty running jumper, securing his first two points.  Pirates lead by 10.  Official timeout.

7:17PM: Seton Hall front court is absolutely dominating, Pope, Garcia, Mitchell pulling away every rebound.  Harvey finds Mitchell on the wing, Stix foot was on the line, he'll get 2 for it.  Hall 17-9.

7:15PM: Pope takes a seat, current Pirates on the floor, Theodore, Hazell, Jackson, Mitchell, Garcia.  Hazell picks up his second foul and he's subbed out for Harvey. SHU 13-9, full court press.

7:13PM: Mitchell hits a 15 footer, Hall on a 7-0 run, Hartford answers with a bucket, unfortunately I couldn't see it because Hall Pass insists on showing a replay of Seton Hall after every time they score, I have no idea why, it's a terrible idea though.  Hopefully they stop soon, they're missing out on actually filming the game. 

7:12PM:  What was that Hall Pass briefly put up the score and took it right back down, nooo, keep it up!

7:10PM: Nice look by Harvey, hits Pope under the basket as Herb converts his first field goal.  He's got 3 PTs and 2 OFF REB.  The announcers forgot their mics were on, Gary Cohen asked Dave, "you having fun?" to which he replied, "it's liked stealing," Gary answered with, "it really is," before their mics were turned off, unfortunately.

7:08PM: Hawks answer with a three and lead 7-6.  Harvey and Theodore are playing a 2 man game tossing it back and forth at the perimeter, before Havery hits a trey. Hawks turn it over on the next possession, that's their third. 

7:07PM: Theodore enters the game already, but Mitchell checks in, Gonzo going with the 2 PGs.  Hazell bangs a three.  Hall Pass needs to stop showing replays while live game action is taking place, utterly annoying.

7:06PM: Hazell dribbles off of his knee, turnover, Hartford converts on the fast break.  4-3 Hawks.

7:04PM: Hazell launches a three, miss, Pope rebound, fouled on the put-back.  The double-double watch is on and the FT% struggles continue for the 29% shooter as he makes one of two throws. 

7:03PM: Hazell fakes a three, drives to the lane, fouled and one.  Misses the free throw.  Nice head fake.  Full court pressure by the Pirates on defense.

7:01PM: Harvey, Hazell, Mitchell, Pope, Garcia are you starting five, as expected. Also as expected, another empty Prudential Center, bummer.  The student section is busy making some crazy arm movements which weren't around when I attended the Hall.  Anyone know what it means, please let me know.

7:00PM: Hall Pass is making improvements, showing the introductions along with some graphics to go along with each player, all they need know: an icon containing the score! It's not that hard. 

6:55PM: We're live and about to get underway, good news for Keon and the Pirates this afternoon. I will post radio and video feeds as I find them.

Please use this page to join in on the discussion as GonzoBall will be liveblogging the game starting at 7PM.

Updates will load at the top of the page and I will try to post radio and TV streams as they become available. 

As always, let’s go Pirates!