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Keon Lawrence Reinstated Beginning December 19th

New Jersey News Room is reporting that Keon Lawrence will be reinstated as of December 19th. On the 19th, the Pirates will face Temple at The Rock in what will be their second to last out of conference game before Big East play begins. Joining Keon Lawrence against Purdue will also be Jeff Robinson, making his first appearance of the year after transferring from Memphis.
"Mr. Lawrence is also subject to an external legal process, which will determine the outcome of the motor vehicle citations he received," said Law School Dean Patrick E. Hobbs, who is overseeing the Department of Athletics this year, said in a press release. "Athletics Director Joe Quinlan and I have decided to allow Mr. Lawrence to return to the men's basketball team. Upon the conclusion of the external legal process, the University will decide whether any additional sanction is required."
Adam Zagoria of SNY, initially reported on November 20th, that Lawrence would be reinstated prior to the LIU game:
Seton Hall junior guard Keon Lawrence will be reinstated in time for the team’s Nov. 28 home game against LIU , according to multiple sources close to the situation. 
Well, those "multiple sources" have caused Zagoria to release the following statement today:
I know I said that Seton Hall junior guard Keon Lawrence would be activated Nov.28 for the LIU game and I flatly admit I was wrong.
Interesting that Zagoria owned up to being wrong, but offered no reason as to why the 'multiple sources' gave him bad information, or what the misunderstanding was.  In any case, I'm just glad this is finally behind us as the message boards and blogs have been ablaze for three weeks with rumors and hearsay regarding Lawrence and quite frankly, I was tired of reading about it.  I don't think I was alone in that regard.

I think the suspension for the first half of the academic year was fair from Seton Hall's perspective.  There will be a lot of disagreement on this topic, but I think it was handled reasonably, with Quinlan and Hobbs making the right decision in the end.  Hopefully Lawrence has learned a valuable lesson from this experience and won't find himself in a similar situation again.  For now, it's time for the fans to support Seton Hall Basketball and the decision that has been made.  Support the kid or don't support him, the choice is yours, but respect that a decision was carefully deliberated and agreed upon.  

Good Luck Keon.