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Navy Midshipmen (4-8) 56, Seton Hall Pirates (9-1) 94 Post-Game Thoughts:

-Navy trailed Seton Hall at halftime, 30-23, however, they managed to turn their offense up a notch, recording 33 points in the 2nd half.  When the game was said and done, the Midshipmen had lost by 38 points. 

-This was truly a tale of two games for the Pirates.  They came out playing uninspired basketball, clearly hungover from the disappointing L they took at the hands of the Temple Owls.  Despite shooting 36% from the floor, including 12% from the perimeter in the first, the Pirates managed to raise their percentages to 47% and 50% respectively on extremely sharp shooting.

-Game ball goes out to John Garcia, who recorded 7PT/10REB/STL/BLK in a significant role after seeing only 5 minutes against Temple.  I'd have to believe the reports of a lingering injury and lack of practice were greatly exaggerated as a way to save face for his demotion against TU.  Honestly, if he were injured Saturday night, would he have been fully recuperated tonight to the point where he could play significant minutes? I think not.  We've seen Gonzo bench Harvey early in the season for sloppy play and it looks like Garcia and JT caught that wrath for their early play against Temple.  Talk about a quick hook though.

-Herb Pope had one of his worst games of the season, statistically speaking, failing to record double-digit rebounds for the first time since the opener against St. Peter's.  He finished with a rather pedestrian 10PT/6REB/AST/BLK/4TO.

Statistics don't always tell the whole story as Pope may have had his best game of the year in terms of making progress.  For the first game of his Seton Hall career, The Pope shot a PERFECT 4-for-4 from the charity stripe.  He came into tonight's contest shooting 40% from the line, never finishing a game this season better than 50%.  That all changed against Navy, hopefully signaling that Pope has been putting in work to smooth the remaining rough edge of his game.  Once he's shooting 80% from the stripe, forget it, there's not a damn thing the kid can't do.

-Before we look at the play of the Seton Hall guards tonight, let's go back to the pre-game post. I mentioned that the Seton Hall guards would need to bring a more balanced attack, ultimately led by the decision of playing time from Coach Gonzalez.  I wanted to see consistency within the rotation, wanted to see guys get a significant chance to make a difference.

Without question, Gonzo did his part, he kept his men fresh while making much better substitutions throughout the night.  Obviously, the game got out of hand, so everyone was allowed extended minutes, but I believe Bobby will feel a bit better about his rotation after reviewing tonight's game tape.

Look at these numbers: 20-22-20-21-20, go ahead and take a guess. Those are the minutes that the five Seton Hall guards recorded tonight.  Consistency.  Five quality guards, all bringing a special talent to the table.  Obviously minutes cannot be divided equally in close contests with quality opponents, however, Bobby is giving his guys the opportunity to prove they deserve the extended minutes.  It's up for the players to deliver. 

-Jordan Theodore was simply amazing in the second half, finishing the game with 18PTS/6AST/6REB/2STL on 6-of-10 shooting and 3-of-4 from 3PT in 21 minutes.  The elder PG, Eugenius failed on his only shot attempt, however Harvey played rather efficiently tallying 7 assists and only 1 turnover. 

-Jeremy was Hazell-esque tonight, after scoring only 5 in the first half, he single-handedly sent the Midshipmen to the showers with a 12-0 Hazell run 5 minutes into the second half.  Leading 43-30, Harvey hit back-to-back 3PTs before Navy was forced to call a timeout.  After Hazell stole the ball from Navy's Chris Harris, he glided to the basket to convert the dunk attempt.  The next Seton Hall possession? Another 3PT for Hazell, putting the Pirates ahead 54-30, say goodnight.

-The Run.

Sparked by Hazell's spree, the Pirates went on a 22-2 run, leading 43-30 at the 15:40 mark and 65-32 with 9:26 remaining.

It's a good thing The Hall got tonight's laugher out of their system as 6th ranked WVU comes to town on December 26th.  Merry Christmas Pirates.