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Post-Game Notes: Hartford Hawks 56, Seton Hall Pirates 89

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Initial Post-Game Thoughts:

-Eugene Harvey with a career high 14 assists, the most any Pirate has had in 9 years. He's made his case that he'll remain the starter throughout the season, whether or not he has a bad start occasionally.

-Super-Sub Jordan Theodore led all scorers with 17, on 6-of-10 shooting.  With 4 seconds left JT tried to drive to the basket despite his team telling him not to, very questionable move, not sure what JT was thinking, but no harm, no foul, as a travel was called.

-It's a bummer that Pope's double-double streak is gone at 4 games, oh well, time for Pope to start a new one. He finished with 7PTs/10REB/0BLK on 2-of-8 shooting, clearly an off night for Herb.

-Did I mention that Stix defines consistency? Mitchell dropped 15PTS/9REB/2BLK with another great performance.

-John Garcia was nearly nonexistent with 4PTs/4REB

-Pirates out shot the Hawks 47-33%, while the Hawks committed 16 TO compared to 14 from the Pirates.

...more to come later tonight.